Friday, April 25, 2014

Newb List

So I have officially branched out my repertoire of GW stuff, I have succumbed into getting some 40k stuff. All I have right now is the Tau and IG codexi, and that is all I plan on for the moment. I have played several games of 40k with Bob's stuff, and am familiar with the lore and have been playing fantasy for 10+ years so I am not quite the uber newb, but this is my first stab at putting a real list together. One last caviat, I don't have the big rule book so a lot of this stuff is french to me at the moment, what does Heavy mean vs Assult vs Ordance and some of this other stuff.
1499pts_______I think

Company Command Squad            144pts
-Company Commander: power weapon, bolt gun, carapace armor, melta bomb and camo gear
-Vox caster, medi pack, regimental standard, carapace armor & camo gear

Infantry Platoon x 2
Platoon Command Squad             70pts
-melta bombs, vox caster, platoon standard, melta gun & heavy flamer
Infantry Squad        70pts
-melta bombs, vox caster, melta gun
Infantry Squad        65pts
-melta bombs, vox caster, flamer
Infantry Squad        70pts
-melta bombs, vox caster, melta gun
Heavy Weapon Squad      85pts
-Heavy Bolter, Autocannon & Lascannon

Hydra Battery        140pts
-additional Hydra

Leman Russ Squadron        (err points - 485 I think, number changes every time I add it up)
Leman Russ Vanquisher     155pts
-extra armor, heavy flamer sponsons
Leman Russ Battle Tank     180pts
-extra armor, heavy flamer sponsons, lascannon
Leman Russ Eradicator       150pts
-extra armor, heavy flamer sponson, lascannon

I tried to be as balanced as possible, built my infantry squads to deal with other infantry, mostly through numbers & orders, but with the melta bombs and lascannon they are a threat to armor. Command Squad mostly built to keep them alive and issuing orders to the infantry. Hydra Battery to deal with enemy air, really not  sure how many to take, or how effective they are and so forth; if there is no air threat they are support for the guardsmen dealing with heavier infantry and Warrior level nids, this is what i think in my mind anyway. The Leman Russ Squadron is also built to deal with any threat but main focus will be destroying enemy armor, I wanted them to have the heavy flamers to deal with infantry that got to close which has been my experience in the few games i have had. Will try to play with points to get another Vanquisher in there instead of Eradicator.

Anyway this is my first stab, trying to be competitive but not tournament level cheese, would love to hear any comments and suggestions on my build. A couple of the changes i have in mind are taking the Leman Russes as tank commander squad and upping some of the tanks. Others would be the drop of the hydras if there is no air for some other support. I don't have any models so any suggestions will be considered and won't not fit my army, i know i know double negative.


  1. Swap the heavy flamers on those Leman russes for heavy bolters. Russes DON'T want to be that close to the enemy. Another idea is to split those Hydras out of a battery and into separate units. No sense grouping them up so those incoming flyers can concentrate fire (kinda fuzzy on the squadron rules, but I think incoming fire is spread amongst the squadron, and hydras aren't too resilient).

    Give all three weapons teams in the heavy weapon squad the same weapon. Best to concentrate fire. Autocannons are best for all arounders, though missile launchers for extra potential AA fire (if there's are a lot of flyers in your neck o' the woods). Rob swears by mortars, though i think they kinda suck. Heavy bolters are really just anti-infantry weapons, and you already have a bucket load of lasguns for that.

    Also, it looks like you have way too many meltabombs. BUT, given the inevitable dreadnought in a drop pod that we all seem to use these days, it might not be a bad idea. Maybe just krak grenades for the squads with meltabombs on Sergeants? I don't have the new codex so am not sure who can have what.

    1. Thanks for the advice, I will take it under consideration. The entire unit has to take krak grenades, dont think the sarge can solo them. Thought about the all autocannons, would shave a few points that i could put into the heavy bolters on the tanks, fwiw heavy flamers are 10pts, heavy bolters 20pts on sponsons. What do you think about my choices of Russes, does that need fine tuning or is the all around approach a good one to take?

  2. The melta bombs are only for the Sargent and not really worth it in my opinion. I would echo what Cheef said about the heavy weapons. Missiles and auto cannons are a better choice in my book. You may also want to switch out the melta guns in the infantry squads for something else or just leave them as basic infantry. I would split the Hydras into two separate batteries. On the Russes I would dump the flamers. Heavy Bolters are a much more versatile option. I am not sold on the basic Russ either. I would take a second Vanquisher.

    1. I like the melta bomb option, maybe i wont like it as much once i read the rules but I will keep it as I love the idea of my sarge running up and slapping it on something big and expensive and having it blow up due to some guardsmen. I will probably switch out to autocannons, and will try and rework the points on the Russes. The reason i like the basic russ is the template that comes with it to help deal with hordes, can't forget the battle where I earned the moniker "Dead Eye". Again the rules arent in the IG book so maybe i will change it up once i get the Big Book

  3. The main issue with the melta bomb is the very distinct probability sarge is going to the be buying the farm if the vehicle explodes. You also want the Sargent for passing orders. It is cinematic as hell though.

  4. meh, i have no problem with him heading up to the meet the emperor. they are IG anyway, whatever he is attempting to blow up is more than likely to kill them anyway if he doesnt. As far as him being dead afterwards and no orders that is what the vox casters should take care of, and if that doesn't work, a guard squad killed something big, they did more than their job so I wouldnt mind if that one squad wasnt as effective afterwards. I have 5 more squads just like them.