Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Somethings on my table

Terrible Hobbyist John here,

Finally had more than five minutes for painting, so I got some things done this weekend and decided to share.

Name Pending
 So I decided to throw a lot of grey paint around and got the first layer done on my Chimera, take notice of the dozer blade, more on that later. Going with a much simpler overall pattern compared to the Judgement. I might do a 'gradient' pattern to the chimeras to make different than my Russes. Nothing fancy just add a white and darker grey stripe on either side of the stripes already there.
Banner Bearer, First Platoon Command Squad

Added the white to the flag and the model, really want the command squad to pop compared to the rest of the boys.

First Squad First Platoon aka the rest of the boys
So really just have to base these guys and get the squad markings written on them and they are done for my purposes.
Rest of the Boys
Showing off my orange striping, which is purposefully supposed to almost go away from the front and other side view.

Judgement with the dozer, wait didn't you see that before?
Added a few more details to the Judgement, another layer of mud, painted the sponson weapons and light. and yes that is the same dozer blade. How you ask? Magnets you say? Sadly not yet but that's the idea.

Da Blade
So i nicked up the standard dozer blade, drilled some holes in it, 2 of those go all the way through the rest are just divots. I have since scratched up the main surface of the blade, it looks too clean in this pick. I got this look through several washes, a bronze wash for rust, brown for dirt lower, then black at the holes to make it looked like it was burned there.

In the two months I have been MIA this is all I have gotten done. Fall is an incredibly busy time for me, and I have not bought anything hobby related in months. I have a few things I want to get but thats all on hold for now. See you in two months.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Paint Schemes and Methodology

Hey folks, Bob here with a article that I intend to be the first of a series. Given the scatter shot nature of my hobby activities I have decided to start posting my paint schemes and methods on the blog in an effort to remember all of them. Thanks to Da Masta Cheef for the idea of recording all of my schemes online. Here are some of my ideas for the general structure of the articles: 

Paint schemes for various units and how I paint them

Picture examples

In Progress shots

Some step by step shots

I envision doing one to two articles for each army highlighting the paint schemes for each unit with a example of each. I think this will be a slightly lengthier process for my fantasy armies as they tend to have more variation within armies in terms of color schemes.  I may alternate between Fantasy/40k post wise, I may not, who knows. Anyways I welcome any and all constructive comments on my paint schemes and methods and discussion on what people are doing in their own armies. I hope you all enjoy!

I leave you with a shot of the hobby portion of my desk. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

What is on My Table

Greetings folks!

Bob here with a self explanatory article today. Just a quick look at what I have been painting lately. As always my hobby ADD means I flit from project to project as the mood strikes me. As always most of these are WIP unless otherwise noted. Photos have descriptions and comments and suggestions are welcome.

My new paint scheme for the Sons of Horus. I am really pleased with the color I got with this mix

Three Sons in the new paint scheme
Mk.II Iron Warrior. The transverse crest is a conversion.

Legion Praetor for the Iron Warriors. I will probably be converting up a Warsmith at some point.

Iron Warriors Legion Breacher

Side view

Emperor's Children Palatine Blade.

Another Palatine Blade.
Vampire Counts Black Knight