Friday, May 29, 2015


Munich and Bavaria, this pic sums up my favorite part

Just got back from my two week vacation in Europe. Tried to hit GW stores when I could. As it turned out only had free time to visit two of them. and just my luck the one in Munich is closed the day I have time.
Outside of the Munich branch, seemed to have lots of space inside
Had better luck in Berlin. Talked with the store operator who luckily spoke better english than I did German. They had a large battle set up at the front, and also a Space Marine.
the big red thing is the space marine
Had a good selection and picked up a two clambpacks. More GW shopping than I had done in months here. 40k is still the mover and shaker over there, but in a broken conversation it seemed that Fantasy is stepping up, in spite of the End Of Time. If I understood correctly, the models sell well, but it temporarily killed people playing the game, but then there was a push back to the 8th version.
Display case, pretty sure this is the first time i have seen a Titan, even the "puny" Warhound
So I picked up two characters, a Slayer for my Dwarves and a commissar for the 132nd. Getting back I felt motivated enough to paint the two guys up to a decent level where they will probably wallow for the forseeable future, but hey at least now my IG are a legal army. (HQ choice)

Still need to figure out a better lighting scheme, can never get the detail to show up in these pics.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's on my Table (Vikings, Saxons, and Normans oh my!)

Hey folks,

Bob here with a long over due post. Things have been fairly hectic of late, but I am trying to get into some semblance of a writing routine. I wanted to show off a few things that I have had on the old hobby table these days.

This guy has been on my table for a long time. He is Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdman. I have to say that the Gripping Beast Vikings and Saxons are by far my favorite plastic sets I have worked with when compared to the Wargames Factory Historical equivalents.

Next up is a metal model representing a member of the Saxon Fyrd. I believe this is an Essex miniature. Not much to this one other then being a solid model of an unarmoured Saxon with spear and shield. 

Rounding out my historical binge is a Norman Knight from Conquest Games. Have to say I am impressed with this kit as well. The details are solid and you can make a pretty good selection of poses.


On the 40k side of things I have started a small force of Skitarii. Right now I have a squad of Vanguard (fully painted), Rangers, this Dragoon, and an Onager (magnetized). This is my WIP Dragoon (about 50% done).


So what is on tap article wise? John should be posting a progress report on his expanding Guard army and a recent trip to Germany and his stop at a GW store. As for me, I am planning on getting an overview and opinion article out on the two Mechanicus books (Skitarii and Cult) once I get a chance to read the Cult book. I would also like to do an article about the new Eldar codex and what my thoughts and plans are for using it. Rumors point to new Space Marine and Dark Angels books out in the near future so be on the look out for my thoughts on those whenever they hit. I will also try and do more of these "what's on my table" type of articles along with some of my paint schemes. In the mean time, happy gaming folks!