Friday, May 29, 2015


Munich and Bavaria, this pic sums up my favorite part

Just got back from my two week vacation in Europe. Tried to hit GW stores when I could. As it turned out only had free time to visit two of them. and just my luck the one in Munich is closed the day I have time.
Outside of the Munich branch, seemed to have lots of space inside
Had better luck in Berlin. Talked with the store operator who luckily spoke better english than I did German. They had a large battle set up at the front, and also a Space Marine.
the big red thing is the space marine
Had a good selection and picked up a two clambpacks. More GW shopping than I had done in months here. 40k is still the mover and shaker over there, but in a broken conversation it seemed that Fantasy is stepping up, in spite of the End Of Time. If I understood correctly, the models sell well, but it temporarily killed people playing the game, but then there was a push back to the 8th version.
Display case, pretty sure this is the first time i have seen a Titan, even the "puny" Warhound
So I picked up two characters, a Slayer for my Dwarves and a commissar for the 132nd. Getting back I felt motivated enough to paint the two guys up to a decent level where they will probably wallow for the forseeable future, but hey at least now my IG are a legal army. (HQ choice)

Still need to figure out a better lighting scheme, can never get the detail to show up in these pics.

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