Monday, October 19, 2015

What is on my table 10/19

Hey folks,

Bob here with a very small update. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a whole lot of hobby progress lately for one reason or another. The weather has decided to cooperate so I have managed to get some stuff primed. Besides that I have managed to finish up a few odds and ends and mess with some random stuff. I decided I wanted to go with white shoulder guards for my 30k Emperor's Children so that managed to get done. I also have had a box of Warlord Games Celtic Warriors sitting around unbuilt so I decided to put a few of them together to see what they looked like. After I did that I decided to paint a few of them up. Here are my first Celts (Gallic of course)

For some reason my box didn't come with the decal sheet that was supposed to be included, so I have left the  shields blank aside from the boss until I can pick some transfers up. Painting more of these guys is going to be interesting given their lack of uniform and noted bright colors. So far I am fairly pleased with the kit.

Next up I've finished the scenic bases that come with the new GW Space Marine assault squad. I have the squad all built up with suitable Dark Angels bitz and they will form the basis of my last assault squad for my Dark Angels. I almost have a full battle company finished (sans the rhinos and such) and just lack 5 assault marines and some devastators. Here are the bases minus the flocking.

That is it for now, folks. Hopefully I will have some more models to display in the near future and some more substantial content as well. Take care and happy gaming!!