Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First of Many

Well I am finally going to get my lazy butt into gear and post a few army lists that I have come up with. I will start with my 40K armies and go into Fantasy as well. Also next week expect a lot of new pictures and discussion on historical figures in 28mm and 1:72 plus lots of pictures! So without further adieu I present my attempt at a more competitive style of list for my favorite (and very first) army, the Dark Angels

 Belial, Master of the Deathwing: Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield     130pts

Deathwing Squad 1: cyclone missile launcher and 2 chain fists                  250pts

Deathwing Squad 2: assault cannon and 2 chain fists                                   265pts

Deathwing Squad 3: All with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields           215pts

Deathwing Squad 4: 3 Thunder Hammers and 2 Lightning Claws                215pts

Tactical Squad 1: 10 marines with a Veteran Sargent with melta bombs,
plasma gun, and plasma cannon                                                                      200pts

Tactical Squad 2: 10 marines with a Veteran Sargent with melta bombs,
plasma cannon, and a flamer                                                                            195

Devastator Squad 1: 2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Lascannons and Rhino transport       190/90

Total pts 1750

Feel free to comment and offer constructive advice!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Warhammer 40,000 25th Anniversary Model (minus head)

In all the headless glory

Sad Day

So I recently purchased the Warhammer 40,000 25th anniversary model. I beautiful model sculpted in the new Fine Cast range. I was really looking forward to painting this thing when low and behold, a defect!The head as you can see is off center! After recovering from my disappointment and sorrow I took these pictures and sent an email to Games Workshop customer service and I hope to hear back from them soon. I will upload pictures of the model unpainted and minus the head to show off just how awesome it is

Adding to Technorati

Hi folks just a quick update. I am attempting to get listing on the site Technorati so here is my claim token number for them to check. RDMMR8E9V9YP

New Additions to the Site

Ok so I just added a links section to the site. I included the gaming sites I tend to frequent as well as my friend Madival's blog that I am now a contributor to (and he will be on here soon as well). To give you a break down I have included the main Games Workshop pages including Forge World and The Black Library (for those interested in the fiction of Games Workshop universes) as well as the Warhammer Historical page. The Warhammer Historical systems are an excellent rules set for 28mm war gaming in a variety of time periods (more on this in the near future). I also included an excellent site called Plastic Toy Soldier Review. They have excellent reviews of many products in the 1:72  scale from many different manufacturers. Finally I included a link to the excellent company Warlord Games. They offer a range of 28mm historical models and accessories of their own manufacture as well as products from a host of other companies. I encourage everyone to give these sites a visit and feel free to comment on what you discover! 
Ok so I have to apologize for not getting a video up from my game Friday. My friend forgot to bring the camera (d'oh!). I will get my list up and my friend's list up and provide some info on how the game went and some of my thoughts. Also for any complaints about the lack of video please rage post over at my friend Madival's blog (see link) as he was my opponent and the dude who owns the camera http://lesserofallevils.blogspot.com/

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey folks just a brief post for the moment. I will be playing a game of 40k with a friend today over at our local Hobby Town and I will likely be posting a video battle report of it in the near future. It is going to be chaos space marines (me) vs necrons so I don't anticipate good things to happen for me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Here is a front and back shot of the Black Templar's character High Marshal Helbrecht. I really like this model not only for the detail but the resolute forward stride the pose conveys. I am not as finished with him as I am with the other models I have posted (I get distracted and/or frustrated and move to something else).

In other news I will probably be posting a brief discussion of my favorite 40k army, the Dark Angels, later in the week as well as adding some links to other blogs and some manufacturers web sites and maybe a video battle report or two. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Space Puppies

A selection of some Space Wolves that are almost complete. I bought a box of these on a whim at my local Hobby Town USA during a sale. I really enjoyed building the models and painting them. I used a really simple paint scheme (which I usually do). Over a Chaos Black undercoat I put a layer of Fenris Grey then dry brushed this with Codex Grey. I liked this style of blue-grey for the wolves so I didn't do anything else to armor. The red on the shoulders is Mechrite Red and the yellow is Iyanden Darksun. The orange hair is a base of Mechrite Red with Blazing Orange dry brushed over it. 

Grey Knights

A selection of some of the Grey Knights I am in the process of finishing up. The two terminators are mostly done except for basing and the power armored Justicar is almost done except for some detailing and basing. All of the photos I will be uploading for the near future will come from my phone so I apologize for the sketchy quality.

Getting Started

Hello Internet!

I am a long time war gamer and all around nerd and after many years I have decided to create a blog and share some of my thoughts and views on the hobby or table top war gaming in the many forms it takes. I am doing this for fun more than anything and I will claim no expertise or grand authority on the subject. For the first posts I intend to show off some of my humble efforts at painting Games Workshop miniatures from both the Fantasy and 40,000 lines from armies I am currently working on as well as posting some general thoughts on the state of both systems. This is my first time doing a blog so be patient as I get used to doing this. Hopefully I will be posting at least one time a week time permitting.

Anywhoo feel free to swing by and check out my ramblings!