Monday, February 27, 2012

New Additions to the Site

Ok so I just added a links section to the site. I included the gaming sites I tend to frequent as well as my friend Madival's blog that I am now a contributor to (and he will be on here soon as well). To give you a break down I have included the main Games Workshop pages including Forge World and The Black Library (for those interested in the fiction of Games Workshop universes) as well as the Warhammer Historical page. The Warhammer Historical systems are an excellent rules set for 28mm war gaming in a variety of time periods (more on this in the near future). I also included an excellent site called Plastic Toy Soldier Review. They have excellent reviews of many products in the 1:72  scale from many different manufacturers. Finally I included a link to the excellent company Warlord Games. They offer a range of 28mm historical models and accessories of their own manufacture as well as products from a host of other companies. I encourage everyone to give these sites a visit and feel free to comment on what you discover! 

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