Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First of Many

Well I am finally going to get my lazy butt into gear and post a few army lists that I have come up with. I will start with my 40K armies and go into Fantasy as well. Also next week expect a lot of new pictures and discussion on historical figures in 28mm and 1:72 plus lots of pictures! So without further adieu I present my attempt at a more competitive style of list for my favorite (and very first) army, the Dark Angels

 Belial, Master of the Deathwing: Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield     130pts

Deathwing Squad 1: cyclone missile launcher and 2 chain fists                  250pts

Deathwing Squad 2: assault cannon and 2 chain fists                                   265pts

Deathwing Squad 3: All with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields           215pts

Deathwing Squad 4: 3 Thunder Hammers and 2 Lightning Claws                215pts

Tactical Squad 1: 10 marines with a Veteran Sargent with melta bombs,
plasma gun, and plasma cannon                                                                      200pts

Tactical Squad 2: 10 marines with a Veteran Sargent with melta bombs,
plasma cannon, and a flamer                                                                            195

Devastator Squad 1: 2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Lascannons and Rhino transport       190/90

Total pts 1750

Feel free to comment and offer constructive advice!


  1. Well the Deathwing can count as troops and/or elites so technically there are 6 troops choices, 1 hq, and 1 heavy. Cool thing about having Belial is that Deathwing are treated as troops when he is in the army (ie they can hold objectives)

  2. in that case why bother with average joe tactical marines?

  3. Two reasons. 1) i don't have enough terminators yet and 2) they provide a distraction/plasma cannon fire for support

  4. I would do a swap. Swap the plasma cannons with the heavy bolter devs. That will allow your bolters to shoot at infantry and your lascannon/plasma cannons to fire at appropriate targets. Also, the tac squads need rhinos over the dev squad.

  5. So switch the heavy bolters out to the tac squads and put the plasma in the dev squad yes?