Monday, September 19, 2016

Bolt Action with Neverness part deux

Greetings folks

Bob here with another tale of game of Bolt Action with Neverness. Hit the link to check out his battle report of the days events. As most all of you know by now 2nd Edition is out in the wild and yours truly got the new starter set and free box of infantry (Warlord rocks).

I've been building the contents of the box and so far I am pleased with the new US Airborne plastics. May end up picking up a full box of them when they release. I'll write up a little review of the box and my thoughts on the rule changes. I have managed to get a game in using the new rules and my initial impressions are positive.

Recently I completed my first attempt at painting terrain. I have to say that I am fairly pleased with the results. Hit it with the air brush then washed and dry brushed it. Fairly simple process. Here is the final product

Until next time, happy gaming!


  1. The new rule book is on my 'to get' list, but not in a rush for it as its doubtful I'll really have time to consistently play till November. That and I still need to build my little army whenever it friggin' arrives.

    Oh, and your rendition of the Chateau du' Neverness is lookin' mighty fine there!

    1. I''m curious to see what this new army is.

      Haha, thanks!

    2. Right? I wonder if they'll actually BE Bolt Action miniatures this time...

  2. These pics do not do this ruined farmhouse justice. It really is a fine model and Bob has done a masterful job with completing it.