Sunday, October 5, 2014

What is on My Table

Greetings folks!

Bob here with a self explanatory article today. Just a quick look at what I have been painting lately. As always my hobby ADD means I flit from project to project as the mood strikes me. As always most of these are WIP unless otherwise noted. Photos have descriptions and comments and suggestions are welcome.

My new paint scheme for the Sons of Horus. I am really pleased with the color I got with this mix

Three Sons in the new paint scheme
Mk.II Iron Warrior. The transverse crest is a conversion.

Legion Praetor for the Iron Warriors. I will probably be converting up a Warsmith at some point.

Iron Warriors Legion Breacher

Side view

Emperor's Children Palatine Blade.

Another Palatine Blade.
Vampire Counts Black Knight


  1. Wow! That IW Breacher looks awesome, especially the 1st pic! I rathe like the SoH too.

    1. Thanks! I have been pleased with the Iron Warriors so far. Really simple to paint.