Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Touch of Heresy: Part Deux

 Howdy, folks! Today I want to show you some of the painting I have done on a recent Forge World order I made. First off, here is what I ordered: 1 Mk IV Command, 2 Mk II Armour Sets, 6 Mk IV Armour Sets, 2 Mk IV upgrade sets, and 2 Dark Angel transfer sheets (these are freaking awesome by the way). I have assembled and primed all of the models and I have decided to make two complete squads, and use the other models as test models for Heresy era Legions I want to collect in the future. In the case of the loyalist Legions I will use them as part of the 40k armies I already have. So lets take a look at the works in progress for what I have been working on!

Sons of Horus 

I have decided to paint on of the squads as Sons of Horus. I wanted to make them as a force of Sons recently after the Triumph of Ullanor and the renaming of the Legion. They are a loyalist force lead by a Terran veteran. Their armour reflects the sea green of the early Sons rather than the later abyssal green of the later Sons. They will also retain a more organized appearance rather than the decent into Cthonian glyphs and panoply, hence the transverse crest of the Sargent.

Emperor's Children

The other squad as well as the command models are being painted as Emperor's Children. Since I already had a model almost completed I figured I should make something to accompany it. I may change that converted model to a veteran rather than a Centurion, but I haven't decided yet. I have opted for a darker, more imperial looking purple for their armour. I also wanted them to have more gold and decoration on their armour, even on individual Legionaries. The Emperor's Children had a reputation for ornate armour and a penchant for spectacle and pomp. I want them to look imperious and regal.

Stay tuned for more 30k goodness as I get these finished and paint up some of my other models! Happy gaming!


  1. This will have Shetter drooling as he also has a good sized chunk of 30k marines as well.

  2. I am slowly getting a collection going. My problem (as always....) is staying focused on one particular army . I would love to get some Heresy games in and maybe adapt some of the xenos books to work with the 30k rules.