Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hooked on Phoenix Part Duex

Turn Four
Dwarf Turn,
Dwarf Warriors charge Swordmasters in the flank. Great Weapon warriors charge fleeing Seaguard, don't make it. Longbeards attempt to charge but fail setting up Silver Helm charge. Shooting Quarrellers kill a crew of the Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower, Thunderers and Grimm shoot Phoenix killing it. Combat, Ironbreakers and Warriors kill all but five of the Swordmasters, who flee through reformed Seaguard, who pass panic, Ironbreakers reform to face invincible Phoenix Guard. Elf turn, Dragon positions itself near warriors with shields, Phoenix Guard charge Ironbreakers, fleeing Seaguard rally, mage continues to flee, silver helms charge Longbeards. Shooting Eagle Claw kills more Quarrellers, reformed Seaguard shoot at Warriors w/ great weapons fail to kill. Other Seaguard shoot and kill a warrior in the other unit. Combat Phoenix Guard continue to munch Dwarves winning combat against the Ironbreakers, who flee and are run down with the Runelord. Silver Helms kill one on charge and horse bites a Longbeard in the face, Longbeards and Belegar kill two Silverhelm combat locked.

Turn Five
Dwarf Turn,
Warriors with shields charge Seaguard, warriors with great weapons charge the other Seaguard. Phoenix returns to life. Shooting the Quarrellers kill a Phoenix guard somehow, the thunderers and Grimm get a round of shooting into the phoenix causing several wounds. Silver helms kill another two Longbeards, but lose all but one from the rest of the unit, who flee but aren't caught, Longbeards are facing away from reformed Phoenix. Warriors with great weapons defeat their Seaguard and run them down, warriors with shields defeat Seaguard on charge, who run and are caught, overrun brings them into combat with reformed Swordmasters, win that combat killing the remaining Swordmasters, reform to face their death by Dragon and rider. Elves, Phoenix charges rear of Longbeards, mage rallies, spell is dispelled later. Dragon charges warriors with shields. Phoenix Guard move to engage Warriors w/ great weapons, Silver Helm rally and faces Longbeards. Combat, dragon and rider kill many of the warriors leaving thane and front rank, who passes break test on needed snake eyes. Phoenix kills a Longbeard before being smashed by Longbeards and Belegar.

Turn Six
Dwarf Turn,
Warriors w/ great weapons turn to face Phoenix Guard. Quarrellers manage to kill another Phoenix Guard, bringing their total losses up to 5. Grimm shoots remaining Silver Helm out of his saddle. Phoenix stays ashes for the time being but flameburst kills two Longbeards, leaving 9 and Belegar. Combat, dragon and rider kill off remaining warriors, Thane stays locked in combat. Elf Turn. Phoenix Guard charge warriors, mage attempts to cast spell but fails, Phoenix decides it has had enough and stays dead. eagle claw kills another Quarreller leaving 5. Phoenix Guard continue march of destruction killing many warriors but combat locked at end. Dragon and Rider wound Thane twice, but with runes he has one left, thane kills the rider, combat locked. Game Ends.

Final Tally Dwarves have (slightly)under 1100pts left, mostly in heroes. Elves have over 850. Technical Draw.
However taking into account some of the rules we usually don't apply the tie would have been more in my favor, 100pts for killing his dragon riding general, 100pts for killing/running down his BSB. Then a net 50 for capturing 4 flags, Seaguard, Seaguard, Swordmasters and Silver Helms; while you took two of mine, Hammerers and Ironbreakers.

John's Thoughts.
Things could have gone much better, with all the times i shot the dragon with the cannon and organ gun it should have died. The organ gun shot at it twice at least 30 times total at s6 it should have been dead. Also the unkillable Phoenix Guard munched all my Hammerers, my Ironbreakers with Runelord, and a good number of Warriors with great weapons, and all they lost were 5 models. That's after at least 6 or 7 rounds of combat and plenty of shooting thrown in. My MVP might have been my warriors with shields and attached Thane. They killed off a lot of Swordmasters, ran down the Seaguard after beating them, killed off remaining Swordmasters, and somehow stuck around against the Dragon. Thane killing the rider was amazing way to finish off the game. Many grudges have been struck out on this battle while several others have been added. Bob get your dragon sorted out, moon is T6 not the T7 you said, the T7 was why I didn't engage it half the time because I assumed I couldn't wound it with S4 shooting/combat also it probably would have taken more wounds from what I did throw at it at its real toughness.

Bob's Thoughts
The Phoenix Guard were definitely the MVP of my side of the fight. 4+ Ward Save and some hot dice rolls made them perform above and beyond in this match. They will probably receive some plastic reinforcements to bulk out the unit and priority painting status as a reward for a job well done. I was pleased with the way the dragon handled. This was the first time I have fielded one and it did not let me down, except with the breath attack. I think that will be reserved for close combat from now on. A lot of my problems came from my continuing inability to pass relatively easy Break Tests. Losing combat by one and promptly failing my Leadership test seems to be a reoccurring theme in my Fantasy games. The Phoenix performed okay. The D6 roll for magic seemed to hurt more than it helped. Speaking of magic, what a truly uneventful component of the game. I never seemed to be able to get anything going thanks to crap rolls for the winds. I also want to make a brief mention of a rule that I find incredibly stupid. Automatically loosing a unit's banner when fleeing, and automatically having your BSB killed if they break is ridiculous in my opinion. I understand they way it is presented in the rules. The banner bearer fights to the end even if the unit breaks, but often times the banners and musicians would NOT fight in the front ranks once combat started. It also would make more sense for the banner to be taken with a fleeing unit, as they would want to preserve the regimental colors. That is of course only my opinion. In the end, it was a close fought game and a hell of a lot of fun. 

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