Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hooked on Phoenix, Part 1


 So Bob and I got together and had a 3k fantasy battle to determine who is the masta. His High Elves vs. my Dwarves. These are both armies we have had for a long time, but its been a long time since they have seen each other and it made a really interesting match with all the new stuff on the field.

Runelord, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Fury, 2 Rune of Iron and a Rune of Stone

Grimm Burloksson
Thane-Fiery Ring of Thori, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Iron
Master Engineer- dwarf handgun

20 Dwarf Warriors w/ shields & Full Command (FC)
20 Dwarf Warriors w/ great weapons FC
10 Thunderers
10 Quarellers w/ shields
20 Longbeards w/ shield, greatweapon & FC

23 Ironbreakers, FC
20 Hammerers, FC, Master Rune of Valaya

Organ Gun, Rune of Penetrations

High Elves
Prince- Star lance, Talisman of Preservation, Dragon Armor, shield, Potion of Toughness on Moon Dragon

Noble, BSB, Warbanner, dragon armor,shield, Ironcurse Icon
Mage, Lvl 2 Barded Horse
Mage, Lvl 2

8 Silver Helms, shields, FC
25 Seaguard, shields, FC
25 Seaguard, Shields, FC

24 Swordmasters, FC
25 Phoenix Guard, FC

Flamespyre Phoenix
2 Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers

Scattered terrain, a few hills and some trees which largely got ignored/ weren't a factor
John's Left to Right
Quarellers far left, Warriors w/ shields, Ironbreakers w/ Runelord, Hammerers on the left. Organ Gun and Master Engineer on hill in the middle. Then Warriors w/ great weapon, Longbeards w/ Belegar, Thunderers, and cannon with Grimm.
Elves, Johns left to right
Bolt thrower far left, Swordmaster and BSB, Seaguard. Phoenix Guard and other bolt thrower in the middle. Seaguard, dragon, silver helms and Phoenix on far right.


Dwarves go first, general movement forward, Quarellers kill a Swordmaster, organ gun kills bolt thrower in the middle, cannon wounds Lord. Elves march up, Bolt thrower kills 3 hammerers, Seaguard drop another one. All magic did was boost one shooting. On both flanks units lining up for charges, dragon and phoenix in particular are carefully positioned to do damage.

Turn Two
Hammerers move towards phoenix guard, Ironbreakers move towards Seaguard and warriors towards Swordmasters. One right flank warriors square up on Seaguard, Longbeards try to position for combat w/ either Dragon or Phoenix. Quarellers, kill another Swordmaster, organ gun wounds dragon twice, cannon shot ward saved, thunderers shot phoenix wounding once, Grimm shot phoenix and wounds again. Elven turn, Seaguard attempt to charge Ironbreakers but fail, Swordmasters lurk threateningly, Phoenix Guard engage Hammerers in what would be the most one sided fight of the game. Other seaguard shot warriors and failed to wound. Dragon flies next to organ gun and shoots flame attack at organ gun but fails to wound. Silver Helms line up a charge for next turn, phoenix charges cannon, and promptly wipes out the crew and over runs off the table to get away from vengeful shooting. Magic failed to wound but buffs Phoenix Guard to WS 8, BS8 and I 8 against the helpless hammerers. Phoenix guard munch 6 hammerers but starts a trend of passing their ward saves, return only kills one. Break test passed.

Turn Three
Ironbreakers charged the Seaguard, make it, lose one to shooting. Warriors with great weapons charge Seaguard in the middle. Longbeards charge silver helms who run away. Warriors move up to support Ironbreakers if Swordmasters charge them in the flank. Quarellers kill mounted mage, thunderers reform so cant shoot, Organ gun, wounds dragon once, so lord has one wound left and dragon has 2. Combat, Hammerers continue to get munched, only 1 left at end of phase, maybe kill one Phoenix Guard for loss of 7. Warriors w/ great weapons win combat by 1, Seaguard break, killing standard bearer hahaha ("ass" -Bob), they get away but flee through mage who then panics and spends most of the rest of the game fleeing. Ironbreakers force their Seaguard to flee but reform and face Swordmasters. Elven turn, Seaguard on the left rally, Seaguard in the middle flee, mage flees, Silverhelms run. Phoenix re-enters the battle field and fire flies over the Longbeards killing 3. Dragon enters combat with organ gun crew. magic nothing they are all dead or fleeing, that's what you get for messing with fickle magic. Shooting, bolt thrower killed two Quarellers. Combat Swordmasters kill several Ironbreakers and lose several in return, combat locked. Phoenix Guard kill off hammerer and reform towards Ironbreakers. Dragon and lord munch the organ gun and overrun deep behind Ironbreaker combat.

See the rest of the part in Part 2!


  1. lol, you guys leaving the casualties everywhere was rather amusing!

    oh, and P.S.: I AM DA' MASTA!!!

  2. I like leaving the bodies behind, one it tells a story, two it looks like something has happened during the battle not mysterious UFOs floating around 'beaming up' models to do nefarious space alien things with, and third battle fields are supposed to be messy places.