Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Rules MAGIC: Let the debate begin!

The Battle Lores

1. Random Power Dice and Dispell Dice?
B. While I like the idea of the Winds of Magic being random in intensity, I don't like the way you generate Power Dice and Dispell Dice in this edition. Roll a really high dice and a really low dice for Power and whoever is on the Dispelling end is potentially going to get rocked in the Magic phase.

J. I don't like that they are as random as they are, do it where they are linked, I don't buy the idea that the winds are strong for one side but not the other. Until they add some fluff explaining this I believe the two should be the same, or maybe +1 for every wizard level you have over the enemy or something.

2. Number of Power Dice Used to Cast?
B. Need that spell to go off no matter what? Well just throw all your dice at it! You are bound to roll a Irresistible Force! This needs to change.

J. Agree, they need to limit how many dice a level 1 wizard can throw at a spell, or any level for that matter, a quick counter would to go ahead and let the defender try to irresistibly dispell it, other wise certain spells are way OP. I would also like to see an automatic negative applied on top of the Miscast table, and the miscast table needs reworking to, to really make you think if it is worth throwing 12 dice at a spell. I also really hate that Irresitible Force= Miscast. Way too easy for this to happen.

3. Number of spells, who can take them?
J. I hate hate hate how they have limited most spells to being held only once in an army. I get it somewhat but it really limits the numbers of wizards you can effectively take. For my lizards rocking 3 skink priests eats up pretty much every spell, I can't take any more Heavens wizards. I know a lot of times armies are limited to what lores they can take, and when this happens it sucks. Just limit the OP spells to one per army but some of the basic magic missles, let all 5 of my wizards have at it.

B. I think a lot of this boils down to how magic works in the first place.

Fun while it lasted

 4. Max 12 dice?
J. I think the power/dispell pool need to be tied to the size of a battle. 750pt battle 12 dice, 4000 pt battle 12 dice, see the problem?

B. Not sure if tying them to the size of the battle is necessarily the correct way to fix this.

5. What lore, if you could take any, and use every spell, would you take? This can be an army specific lore.

J. I see this as an enemy specific question. But I am going to go with Heaven, with the broke ass Comet.

B. Agreed.

6. If you could take one spell what would it be?

J. The Maw from the Ogre book. 15 to cast I believe. place a round template, anything underneath takes a I test. You pass? congratulations take a S3 hit, you fail? take S7 D6 wound hit. Up-gradable to a large round template.

B. To be honest, I don't really have a particular favorite. I suppose I would take Okkam's Mindrazor. It has a high cast value (18+), but it is well worth throwing a ton of dice at. Until the start of the caster's next Magic phase, the targeted unit uses their Leadership instead of Strength when rolling to Wound in combat. It makes High Elf Spearmen, who can land a metric shite ton of hits, suddenly land a large portion of wounds as well. 

7. If you had ONE magic based rule you could change (in big rule book) what would it be?

J. The number/limit of dispell and power dice. I believe this needs to vary between battle sizes not be dependent on dice rolls.

B.  The number of dice that can be used per spell.

Old school. I have this set, somewhere......


  1. #1: I'll go with John on that.
    #2: Pretty much agree with you guys
    #3: Having small armies, I tend to only use 1 wizard anyhow, so its a moot point.
    #4: Again I'll go with John on this.
    #5: Heaven just for the 'broke ass comet'? Shakes head...I have skaven and an amber wizard, so its kindova moot point again.
    #6: Transformation of Kadon (as I now have a Feral Griffon model to turn him into rather than having to borrow 'something big' from somebody else). I've never actually fielded the rats, so have yet to try out the 'dreaded' 13th spell...
    #7: I'll go with Bob on this one.

    1. My problem with the 'broke ass comet' is that it is no longer a "Remains in Play" spell, meaning: 1 if you cant dispel at first, lets say bc your opponent threw 9 dice at it to ensure double 6s, its going to land. 2. which goes along with it not being a Remains in Play spell is you can cast one every turn. 3. Both the number of hits and the strength of the hits are modified with how long it takes to arrive, if it was one or the other not so bad but both is mean. 4. I play Dwarves a lot which means I dont like magic to begin with and two, I cant get out of the way when it gets cast, M3 only gets me so far. 5. For the big spell in the Lore it does not cost that many points to cast, being able to throw 4 (3 if you got a decent-good roll) dice and being able to get off one of the most valuable spells in the game.

      oh yeah and thanks for commenting....makes me feel a little less crazy for posting this stuff.

    2. Oh and as a Lizard player I see the comet used all the time, by me, and I hate how powerful it is. Not only on damage but just how the enemy reacts to it and how you can use it as an area denial method, place it in front of the enemy right in their path and watch them not move 1 or 2 units until it lands, or skate around the edges.

    3. Sounds more like it needs a pre-game gentleman's agreement of: 'we're not taking this because its broken' rather than 'I'll take it by default...'