Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Warhammer: Total War update

Warhammer Total War Empire Campaign Video

So the good folks over at Creative Assembly released another video and I have a few comments I am fully hoping they steal, again.

1. For the love of Sigmar start the major factions out with more than 1 city/town. And there had better not be a big difference from the starting strength of the good guys vs the bad guys. but I willing to bet pennies on dollars that the bad guys will start with more than the good guys. in the video it says the Empire starts with only one city, complete bull hockey. notice the difference between where the two factions are in the videos. Orks have stuff all over and the Empire has two provinces, way too big of a difference to be balanced. (i know its not the same turn)

2. Hopefully the good guys have real "diplomatic" options on how to convince the other provinces to join them. Hopefully similar to Empire with the British and the American Colonies. if not that I would like to see the provinces under siege from 1 major enemy army (that never actually takes anything) and that defeating that army and/or settlement will unlock control of that whole province. What I inferred from the video is that if you are the Empire you will spend way too long conquering the lands that are already supposed to report to you, when diplomacy never works for you. but again I am willing to bet that your allies get nommed before you can talk them into joining you or they straight up declare war on you and you just have to conquer them like anywhere else. It was turn 71 in the video and they only had 7 provinces and no diplomatic expansion; while the enemies had grown exponentially via violent measures.

3. Hopefully the AI is dead set on maintaining alliances or at least neutrality between the good guys. going back to the lore the Empire and Dwarves don't fight, Bretonnia and the Dwarves don't really fight. The good guys have enough going on where they don't need other good guys coming after them. at least until late game, only option situations. I could understand the little guys going after big guys but it shouldn't happen if they are at war with a bad guy faction (which should be all the time)

4. Something all total wars need to fix is the enemy's preference just to attack the player faction even while being destroyed from the other side. too many times the enemy faction sends its final army at a town while a third faction besieges their capital. it ticks me off and is unrealistic. would really like to see some self preservation come into play.

5. No "homing" enemies like the Huns in Attila or the Mongols in Medieval. hopefully the enemies growth is more along a general front expanding out, and not one that seeks out the player's faction.  with the video it seemed like the player had three enemy factions coming at him. Bretonian vamps, empire vamps and the ork tribe to the north.
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for those curious on what I have said earlier here are the links to previous posts, some going way back before anything came out at all. A couple of them reflect things above. a couple of these links go back to 2013, its like I am psychic. don't tell the witch hunters. could have swore I did another one but couldn't find it.
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sadly Warhammer Total War is about all that I have an interest in of late as far as GW is concerned so this is how I will post. Damn GW for killing Fantasy.

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