Saturday, February 27, 2016

What's on my table 2/27

Greeting folks!

Bob here with some ruminations and pictures of what hobby stuff I have been into. Bolt Action has been lodged front and center recently so I have attempted to harness that energy into painting and it has happily born fruit. Check this out folks,

Paras after flocking. Had to go back and dry brush the fatigues because my dumb ass forgot that step on all of these....
All of my infantry completed barring some base work. The weapons teams are on the painting table at the moment

Good progress on the French infantry. 2 squads left then the support weapons.

That's right folks, I have been a model of completing projects of late. If I keep this up I may just screw up and finish an army of two (stranger things have  happened)! The Americans and the French have been getting the love at the moment as they are the smaller of the 3 armies I have. The Germans will be next after I get the French infantry and American support weapons done.

This past game night I managed to actually play a game of 40k (will wonders never cease?!). This was my first use of the newer Dark Angels book since it was released. When I say 40k has dropped off locally, I mean it has dropped off locally as to be non existent on any given night. Here are some highlights of the game. It was a Crusade mission with 5 objectives. My opponent, Screech, ran a vehicle heavy Guard list. We agreed on 1750 points for the game.

Flyers: still wrong as hell in 40k.

End of the game shot. I had 2 models on the board but managed to win off of objectives!
Final score of the game was me:8, Screech 5. In the end it boiled down to me having models on objectives at the end of the game and having killed all of his infantry except 1 squad. This was a fun game with the usual amount of head scratching at rules and crap dice rolls. I lost a Terminator squad to a miss hap and that hurt a bit. It had been a long time since either of us played. I really don't know what to think of the game of 40k anymore. It still works, but good lord is it clunky compared to other systems (Bolt Action in particular).

So there you have it gentle readers. I hope to start into a semi-regular routine of posting again, but we shall see. Happy gaming!


  1. I think we all ought to go back to 5th 40k, that was the last edition before things started to go completely off of the rails...

    1. I wouldn't mind getting a game of 5th in. I really want to try adapting a Bolt Action style rule set for 40k. The more I play Bolt Action the more I like how it works.