Monday, February 22, 2016

Bolt Action action

Hey folks, Bob here with some updates on the hobby front. I am happy to report that after a lull Bolt Action is picking up again! I have managed to get in two games per night at the last two game nights! The first round was against our local big cat enthusiast finally managed to actually put some arms on his infantry and get a game in. We played two 750 point games with the vaunted superiority of the late war grenadiers and German armour falling to the guts and glory of US airborne and the humble Sherman tank.
No, that isn't some strange pipe. It is our dice cup/macro cannon. That face in the middle is the face of  getting your ass whooped and your Panzer IV not doing shit and dying to a Sherman 75mm and a 57mm at gun. Photo courtesy of Da Masta Cheef
Fire and maneuver

That's right folks, one shot one kill. 

My second set of games were a lighter affair. Our newest player, Mike, wanted to get a game in with his newly built US forces from the D-Day Firefight intro box. We decided on a 500 point game with me bringing my early war Germans. I decided on an all infantry force as armour takes up a lot of points at that size of a game (and it wouldn't have been fair). While I won both games, a lot of that was due to rather poor dice rolling on Mike's part and two airstrikes that didn't mange to do much and a "1" result that wound up in my favor. Mike's enthusiasm for the game wasn't dimmed however and he plans on expanding his forces soon. So really big news as well on people picking armies. Our long time hold out finally picked an army! After over a year of vacillation it will be Imperial Japan for our longest hold out.

Our local armies are as follows:

Blitzkrieg Germans (me), French (me), 2 US airborne (one of them me), British paras, late war German panzergrenadiers, Imperial Japan, DAK (coming soon hopefully), and 1 US army with another coming soon as well, and a Weird War force of Russian Aardvarks.

That is all for now, folks! Happy gaming!


  1. I think one of the US airborne has become rangers/ armored, as that's what I'm planning on. Plus luftwaffe/ afrikakorps.

    1. Awesome. Like I said, if you want to do Airborne then do Airborne. Rangers and armor would be cool too. DAK is the German abbreviation for the Africakorps. Looking forward to seeing all of this on the table. If you would want to do some articles about starting your collection let me know.

    2. I got the box of Rangers today. I was looking for some vehicles but HT only had WWII in 1:72...

  2. Oh man, the 'Russian' Aardvarks didn't even get a mention.


  3. I've got regular US army as well as British Paras