Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Dwarven Host (The Eastern Dwarves)

Article is a bit later than usual, but travel and a birthday got in the way so without further ado.

So as promised here is an article for my "fully" painted army. after 13ish years i finally got an army to this point. again some/most of the models are 80% complete, with basing and detailing being the main things needed. Pretty stoked to finally see a "finished" product.

Characters: Lords: Belegar, Runerlord, Lord with Great Weapon (could be thane)
                   Heroes: Thane with great weapon (see above), Runepriest, Engineer, Named Engineer,                        Dragon Slayer (could be played as Daemon Slayer if needed for random game)

Core: 20 warriors with shields, Full Command (FC). 20 Warriors with Great Weapons (FC). 20 Longbeards with great weapons and shields FC. 10 Thunderers with champion. 10 Quarellers with champion.

Special: 1 Cannon & crew 1 Cannon & crew (I will probably never field these, cannons and I don't get along, ask Bob) 20 Hammerers w/ shields and FC, 23ish Ironbreakers w/ FC. 20 slayers (these guys rarely see the field and usually only when i need to bulk out or want/need to drop missile troops)

Rare: 1 Organ Gun & crew w/ a few runes

Now that i have it "fully" painted and reviewed I still need/want to add a few more things. I need a BSB and then i am done with characters. 1 box of warriors to fill out units i have. 5 with shields 5 with great weapons and the remaining will hopefully got to fill out the Quarellers (or thunderers if they have guns as well)I would also like to add some of the Irondakes probably will just do 10 but may expend to 20, or may bump to 16 and make my Ironbreaker squad larger. and lastly another organ gun. those things are mean.

*as an aside I bought myself a box of warriors (no ranged weapons included-something to ponder) and a box of the Ironbreakers/Irondrakes. hopefully they will get worked on soon. this should solidly bring my army between 3500-4000pts. with few people playing they will likely never see the field as a whole, but i like having the large army. choices.

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