Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Dwarves are back on the Painting Bloc

So seeing as how I bought a dwarf model, and got it painted up, and had been doing just 40k stuff for a while I felt it was time to jump back into the Dwarves. As my second largest army, and second oldest army, with a good rule book (screw the End of Times) they are probably my favorite army right now. looking at the box i keep my dwarves in I saw I only had a few models with only the base coat of chaos black left. this invigorated me and got me going on getting these guys with some base colors, about as far as i normally get anyway. so here is what i have.

ten of the new ironbreakers, really like the models. really simple paint job, metal color (leadbelcher maybe?) all over. i will add the two army colors, light blue and dark green as trim. and some lighter colors for the metal for highlights. I am alternating the color patterns, dark green on the shield, weapon and helmet, on the other five the dark green will serve as the trim on the armor.

4 warriors with great weapons. a lot more colors but very little detail to spend time on. got the army color started with my checkered pattern. (top right and bottom left light blue, top left and bottom right dark green). after the solid metal of the ironbreakers these are a nice change of pace.

4 slayers. beards and flesh largely done. just got to add gold and then some detailing of the army colors, maybe some basic warpaint if no detail space available. again nice change of pace with the skin and red hair.

6 weapon crew. 3 old metal models for a cannon, 3 crew members for the organ gun. lots of the army colors very little metal (comparatively).

progress went very fast. painted the whole group at a time. Cross unit batch painting was more fun than otherwise. I will have an article showing off the full army, will probably add in a break down and explanation of my intentions/strategy.

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