Thursday, June 4, 2015

Building and magnetizing some Cult Mechanicus models

Hey folks!

Bob here with a look at what I am building and converting these days. I recently purchased a set of the new Kataphron tracked servitors and I am currently in the process of converting them with magnets so I can field them as either the Breachers or Destroyers. Thankfully this hasn't involved a whole lot of work on my end. Some green (or in this case gray) stuff and magnets. Here are some photos of the process and end result.

My rather crappy attempt at greenstuffing the magnet into place for the destroyer weapon mount. It fits securely with the weapon at least.
I drilled out the shoulder socket and managed to get the magnet flush and secure inside the socket.

the finished product

the Breacher finished product. Not elegant by any means but it works

I also picked up one on the new Magos Dominus models and did some very simple and quick magnetizing to allow me to use any of his included weapons.

the model is actually larger than a Terminator and mounted on the same base. The points of contact are really sketchy and had to be super glued. Here is hoping he stays put

Pistol arm magnet

weapon mount magent

That about covers it for my Cult Mechanicus work for now. I will have my thoughts on both the Skitarii and the Cult books out here in a bit. Until next time, happy gaming!


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  1. Looking good! I really did the Magus models, I haven't seen it yet in person.