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Book Of Grudges

Despite being long lost Eastern Dwarves my Dwarves still honor the long tradition of grudges. My host has suffered new grudges and erased old ones in equal measure. Some of the most noteworthy, lore-ified.

The Eastern Throng

2154- Fresh upon arriving in the old world The First Host lead by High Thane Redbeard fought a chaos daemon army. Despite destroying the enemy's lesser daemons the more powerful greater daemons won the battle for the forces of Chaos. This dishonor will only be struck upon killing of one of each for greater daemons. (Slaanesh has been killed)

2154- Regrouped from the defeat at the hand of the daemons the First Host fought an orkish horde on the out skirts of a fallen Hold. During the battle the cannons for the Dwarven Host proved ruinous for the Dwarves failing to hit the enemy while striking critical units of the Dwarves. This dishonor was later struck during the battle when the Cannons crew routed a charging ork chariot that had destroyed the western flank of the Host. The crew later fell in a hard fought battle, the sacrifices bringing honor despite the failure of their weapon. The battle was ultimately a draw with the Dwarves holding the field but being held from seizing the Hold. For the losses suffered and failure of the mission this grudge will not be struck until three ork warbosses have been killed. (Its difficult to get Bob to use his dad's orks so this Grudge has been on hold for a long time)

The Eastern Throng

2156- High Thane Redbeard returned home to gather a fresh Host to help the Dwarves of the World's Edge Mountains. Upon hearing of the plight of their western brethern many dwarves sign on including a large contingent of slayers. Before this second host can return to the world's edge Mountains the Host is beset by Skaven, a force rarely encountered in the East. Despite superior enemy numbers and again faulty cannons (possibly due to damage from the long migration) the Dwarves are victorious. However the missile troops and slayers were destroyed by a contigent of Clan Moulder beasts. This Grudge will be struck upon the killing of  40 Rat Ogres to strike revenge against this newly encountered enemy. (8 have been killed thus far)

2157- Upon return to the World's Edge Mountains a contigent of Dwarves under the nominal command of an Engineer do battle with an aggressive host of High Elves who had insulted the memories of the ancestors. The Dwarves responded by thoroughly defeating the Elven host, however ultimate victory was spoiled and grudge marked upon the back handed killing of the Engineer after the battle was determined. For refusing to admit honorable defeat and the clandestine killing of the Engineer a blood cost upon one hundred elven heads was marked. (this Grudge has been struck in ensuing battles with the hated Elves, the final of 100 being struck in 2159)

2157- Again the Eastern Dwarves do battle with the forces of Chaos. This time a large combined band of Marauders lead by a Champion of Chaos engage a Host of Eastern Dwarves lead by High Thane Redbeard. Despite early set backs the Dwarves were able to hold the field and win the day against a superior force. Once again the Cannons from the Eastern Dwarves have failed. And as such a Grudge has been officially struck against the casters of the Cannons. A debt to be repaid with the killing of one hundred enemies by cannon and not crew. (maybe 2 have since been killed)

2158- This was the first battle in a long line of battles between the Eastern Dwarves and a crafty High Elven Commander (Bob). The largest host yet assembled of Eastern Dwarves marched to the defense of a beleaguered hold under siege from a force of High Elves. They found the foes ready for the attack. Unused to fighting a foe more devoted to ranged warfare the Dwarves suffered greatly. Again the crew of the cannons proved their worth before being destroyed by missile fire and a calvary charge. Despite individual heriocs the day is carried by the Elven host through use of white fletched arrow and bolt and magic. The Elves go on to destroy the hold and the Dwarven defeat is compounded. For their part in the destruction of a Hold and a host an Eternal Grudge is declared, any where this vile commander of elves go the Dwarves have sworn to hunt him down and do whatever damage possible to him and his. (Not sure on the real tally but pretty sure Bob's Elves vs my Dwarves is slanted something like 22:2 in favor of Bob, the Dwarves sucked hard for a real long time)

Kitbashed BSB

2158-Present: Gathering support from World Edge Clans, Redbeard soon amasses another host to fight the elves still threatening minor clan holds. Too weak to strike the fatal blow the Elves depend on missiles and magic to again and again deal defeat to the Dwarves. The Grudge continues. With particular grudges being found against the Lothern Sea Guard, Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers, Dragon Princes, Sword Masters and mages of all sorts. The only sollace found for the Dwarves was the incapability of the Elves to survive lone combat against the Dwarven Commanders.

2160- The Dwarven Host again gathers for war. This time with the aid of a Rune Priest they fight a horde of Beastmen intent on plundering the rich valleys outside of a Karak. The Dwarves again taste bitter defeat, despite neutralizing the foes magic the Warriors of the host are unable to hold their own. This also marks the last time the cannons ever see use except in great times of need. For the losses suffered three future victories against Beastmen will be required to wash away the stain of defeat. (zero victories)

2180- Having suffered many defeats the Eastern Dwarves return home, only a minority electing to remain while several World's Edge Dwarves make the travel to the east. Several skirmishes are fought against the Lizards in the Southlands while attempting to regain contact with their southern brethern. Grudges are struck against the great Saurus warriors and their indominable leader atop his Carnosaur. For these grudges to be struck five victories must be won as well as killing of the Saurus Old Blood and his great beast. (One victory)

2200- After spending time considering his defeats High Thane Redbeard finally leads another Host of Eastern Dwarves back to the World's Edge Mountains, determined to be victorious. Aided by a stronger host and a renewed sense of purpose, as well as a longer beard and military record Redbeard is confident in victory. Once again upon the great march back the Skaven again attempt to derail the host. However the dwarves are ready and easily repulse the skaven. For the audictiy to attack the Host and continued raiding a Grudge of one thousand skaven heads is marked. (250 of them have been taken)

2205- After returning and reaffirming contact with the World's Edge Dwarves the Dwarven Host prepares to battle the great Elven commander who has continued to be a threat. Even with a larger Host the Dwarves are matched by a larger Elven force including many new monsters not seen fighting with the commander, namely a dragon and frost Phoenix. Prepared for the treachery and general lack fortitude of the Elves The Dwarves reap a heavy toll of Elven dead with an Organ Gun forcing the elves to engage the ultimately victorious Dwarves. A great victory was won with very few elves surviving the day. However those that survived had done the most damage and now a grudge against all allied Elven monsters and Phoenix Guard is made. However many grudges were struck with the final blow to break the Elven moral, with a Thane killing the Dragon riding Lord. For the continued losses one hundred Phoenix Guard must be killed as well as a further 10 monsters. (1 monster has been slain and a victory earned vs the Elven Commander)

thanks for dealing with the lore-ifying of old battle reports and the assumed grudges from them. I have spent a lot of time writing and rewriting some lore and back ground for this army and it is nice to get a chance to share.

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