Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hobby purchases in France 2015

Hey folks!

Bob here with a small update on what I have been up during my brief hiatus and a loose plan for upcoming articles. I recently spent almost 4 weeks in France conducting archaeological investigations at a Medieval homestead high in the Masif Central. My day job is archaeology and one of my primary focuses of research is rapidly becoming rural Medieval habitation patterns in highland areas.
The view from the site. Note the highly trained and deadly cow security force that stands guard.

Part of the interior of the primary structure of the site.

While most of my time was spent working, I was able to take some time in Paris to hit up what is becoming my regular hobby shop visit to Starplayer. Starplayer is an independent game shop located not far from the Latin Quarter and Notre Dame. One of the main reasons I go there is to browse their used model section to see what they have. Unfortunately, this time around they were pretty picked over. I also paid a visit to Games Workshop Paris 15e. The manager was very friendly and spoke excellent English. He was good enough to run me through the basic rules (aka the rules) for Age of Sigmar as well as being very sympathetic and diplomatic about my opinions on the game (more on this topic soon). 

So what did I pick up? Well not as much as I would have liked. The dollar to euro rate was fairly awesome while I was there. Couple this with the price of GW stuff in euros and it worked out to be cheaper to purchase GW stuff in France than in the US. My few purchases consisted of: The new Dark Angels Chaplin, a box of the Kastelan Robots, Imperial Guard order cards (in French and half price), and the White Dwarf with the Age of Sigmar rules (in French) and the free model. Like I said, not a whole lot. Here are some pictures of the WIP Kastelans and Chaplin.

The arms will get magnetized
I want to try to magnetize the power fist

So what do John and I have in store for the near future? Well the biggest thing will be our opinion piece on Age of Sigmar. Expect a lengthy rant on this one, folks. I plan to get a book review/opinion article out for both the new Space Marine book and of course the new Dark Angels. I also want to get a few painting articles out as well as a "whats on my table" piece or two. John and both are going to be fairly busy for the near future, but we will do our best to get at least one article a week done and published.

Until next time!



  1. My Tyranids could have another go against your Dark Angels. This time I don't have Doom. LOL :( Well, maybe a sort of Doom deal.

    Get your paint brush ah painting.

    1. Lol. Yeah we need to get a game in. The paint brush is going to be as busy as it can.

  2. lol, oh I've been DYING to hear your thoughts on AoS!!!

    1. Lol, soon my friend, soon.

    2. Let them eat Cake Bob. Cake. With the yummy frosting!

  3. I can't wait to have Cypher shoot your new Chaplain. :D

    ...heck, I can't wait to just play again! LOL

    1. I think I should take a Chaplin when we play again. It would be highly appropriate from a narrative standpoint.

      Anytime you have time to game just give me a shout!

  4. Anytime you have time to game just give me a shout!