Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More thoughts on Warhammer Total War

To continue on possibilities for Warhammer Total War, I would really like to see the non playable races in Warhammer the table top game, make a good appearance in Warhammer Total War. Kiev, Norsc, Estalia and Tilea, Araby and the Border Princes. I don't think they will or should be playable races in the game. But I think they should be factions within that influence events, just as there are any number of unplayable factions in the other Total Wars. I would ,however, like to see some more advanced diplomacy with these factions that grant you the ability to recruit some of their units. 

you knew this was coming, and admit it your are not particularly against the idea

Yes bear cavalry from kiev, maybe their snow wizards. Estalia and Tilea pike men and crossbowmen. Araby some scimitar wielding troops, and maybe some heavy cav from the Border Princes. At the least I would like to see these factions in there. Then there are several factions I would like to see as trade points, Ind and Cathay, and then have several trade points for the scattered High Elf empire. 

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