Thursday, December 20, 2012

A few 'problems' with Warhammer Total War

Ok as much as I love the idea of this game, I have some problems with it. 
First, this is the first time Creative Assembly has reached out to do something beyond history based games. While the Warhammer Fantasy World has a rich history, vivid maps and many different races this is still different from what the teams at Creative Assembly do. Some things will be quite new to them, magic, magical creatures, magic items and so forth. I hope they get it right.
Secondly, this is the third(or so) major franchise GW has taken part in, and I have to say i am not completely satisfied with the results. Dawn of War started as a true rts with a nice storyline that I really liked, the introduction of all the different units. In the next Dawn of Wars expansions and into the second I liked them less and less as it became an rts/rpg bastardization that failed at both. You no longer built an army, and you gathered up loot and whatnot and your guys leveled, but it never really sold me, and the storyline(s) got lost. A Total War is a completely different beast than Dawn of War and the pure RPG of Space Marine, which brings me to my third point
Thirdly: when is this period of Total War set? Bob and I have pondered this, I think it should be the 'right now' in the Warhammer world that the rule book sets up for, where everybody is preparing for war, and the good guys are organized and have a strong leader, perfect for you to step in and become the Emperor, High King, Phoenix King, Wood King and Duke or whatever Bretonia has. Bob had suggested doing it set in the past, maybe around one of the Big chaos invasions, or after this last big one. Problem I have with this idea is I dont want to get steam rolled as in Medieval 2 Total War, where the Mongols and their elephant cousins the Timrids show up late in the game as an unstoppable juggernaut that oddly always comes straight after you. I dont want the mongols to make an appearance, and this would be way to much of an advantage for someone playing as Chaos, as if they didnt have enough already. 
Fourthly: What are the victory conditions for the races? Is it mere survival for the good guys, as they never really should be able to completely table the bad guys? For the bad guys is it just wiping the Empire off the face of the map, or the Dwarves or the High Elves and so on and so forth? And as everything GW has always been about several players playing together, if several friends get together and do a campaign, even if they are all good guys how do you get their victory conditions to line up?
So to some it up I am worried about how they will balance fun while sticking to the Fantasy Lore?

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