Monday, November 12, 2012


Another Monday another post

This week's build you own will likely be the last for a while, i have run out of supplies and money, but this week's build is also the easiest and quickest with the most possibilities

Walls. To start the walls  need to be 6" long, regulation size, and about 3/8" to 1/2" tall. This is again to let you models 'see' over. Then depending on what type of wall you want to build you can do several different things.
I would define three of these as soft cover, the two with the fallen trees and the fence, the stone wall would be hardcover. Walls can be as simple as standing a straight piece of 1/16" on its side for a stone wall, the fallen trees are just the de-cornered wooden dowels laid on top of each other. The fence is two thin strips connected by a lot of small 'posts'. Ta da walls. Some notes, 6" should be large enough to fit a unit of larger bases behind the frontage. And if you want a long wall just place these suckers next to each other. Painting, now that i have done it I would suggest you dont paint. Too much paint, and I didnt impress myself with the results.

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