Monday, November 5, 2012

Border Brigands part 1

In another attempt to spice up my gaming, i created a new game type that is really just a variant on Watchtower. I came up with this game type so that you could play with a third, less experienced player, or two inexperienced and one experienced. While it is not particularly fun to be the third person in this particular game it does allow you to learn, or get in a little gaming if you dont have time for a full battle. It also doesnt require a full army to play as the third player.
So Basically this is Watchtower as I said before but this time there are more set pieces and buildings and they are occupied by some Brigands who have been raiding both sides forcing both nations to react thinking it is the other causing the problems.
1. Roll to see who is attacker and defender between the two major armies. Winner decides. Defender deploys his entire army on one side of the battle field (normal 4'x6' table playing across the short length) Deployment zone is 12" deep along the full length of table. they may deploy scouts, but no ambushers or vanguard.
2. After Defender deploys the rest of the battlefield is set up. At the half way length (2 feet) there is the border,  Within the border put you watchtower and several other terrain features to represent a make shift camp the type you would expect raiders to build. Maybe a few small buildings, tents, some walls. be sure to leave enough room for units to maneuver. these need only be a few pieces, just enough to define a decently large camp, where you can fit several normal units. You may place the watchtower in or next to the camp.
3. After the border camp is established set up any more terrain you have, try to be fair.
4. Deploying the Brigands, this gets complicated maybe.
 The third player, if there is no third skip this section, If you have a GM you might use him as the third for a fairer game. The brigands are 400pts (in a 2000pt game, make brigands less than a fifth the size of the normal armies) You may spend 75pts on the camp leader, and 75pts on two Sublieutenants  these may be from any army book, just make these selections from the same book. No undead, daemons, monsters or flyers, doesnt make sense for them to be raiders. Then spend the rest of your points on models less than 15pts a model.  These models may be from any army book, but no undead, daemons, monster or flyers. They may take any normal upgrades(this may take them beyond 15pts) normal rules apply units have to equipped the same, you may take champions but no musicians or standard bearers. Units can be 10 models but no bigger. if this conflicts with rules in an army book ignore the army book for sake of the brigands and fun. Place the brigands inside the border, at least one model must be in the Watchtower and one in the camp.
5. Attacker deploys normally.

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