Monday, November 5, 2012

Border Brigands part 2

5. Turn: Attacker goes first, brigands second and defender third. For first two turns only Brigands and Attackers exist, for gaming purposes. Then after attacker and brigand third turn the defenders 'appear' this acts as their normal first turn, anything that might have incidentally affected them before this turn doesnt count. Defender may move, shoot, cast spells and fight if they can in their first turn (turn 3) {if no third player simply dont place any brigands and attacker goes first then defender they dont have to wait if there are no brigands}
6. Game Length: 7 turns if there are brigands, 5 + one more on roll of 4+ if no brigands
7. Victory conditions: Victory Points
1pt: first to take Camp(not brigands) with a clear majority of point value
1pt: first to take Watchtower, forcing out or killing anybody in it (if no brigands, no point for this)
1pt: For killing leaders, camp leader, or either general
1pt: for captured Battle Standard
1pt: for capturing more Standards than opponent (battle standard counts towards this)
1pt: for holding the watchtower at game end
2pts: for holding camp at game end, clear majority of point value
1pt: for each unit over 10 models (at end of game) across the enemy's border, not fleeing and not in combat.

If there is a tie, Point Value decides, count brigand kills if they are there. Obviously it is almost impossible for the brigands to win, but if somehow they tie for the lead, they win, well done and bravo

PS. Something I forgot, no warmachines for anybody, the brigands dont have the resources and this is supposed to be reactionary forces for the main army who dont have time to drag warmachines with them

PSS. I havent played this yet so there are probably some balancing issues, and turn length might need to be tweaked for larger games. And the most important thing is always that everybody has fun.

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