Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Skitarii Test Model

Hey folks,

Bob here with a very brief update today. Like a lot folks the Skitarri (and mechanicum for that matter) has been a faction I have wanted to see on the tabletop for a long time. With the new Codex and model release I have of course started a Skitarii force. I managed to pick up a box of the Vanguard/Rangers and one of the Ironstriders/Dragoon walkers. I decided to build the infantry as a Vanguard Squad and I even managed to paint up a test model in between research obligations. When the Codex itself drops and the rest of the models are released I will try and get a review up for them and share my thoughts on the look of the Skitarii (hint: they aren't what I imagined from the descriptions I have read). John has been working on a Warhammer Total War article that I will throw my thoughts in as well. In the meantime take a gander at my first Vanguard model.

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