Tuesday, March 10, 2015

132nd Update

Added a few units to the army. 1 squad of Guardsmen (Militarumen?) 1 command squad, and 5 Veterans (more on them later)


decided my veterans needed some heavy armor. so Scion body and legs meet guardsmen arms and head. If anyone has bothered remembering my models they might remember my paint scheme. The veterans have it backwards. Darker fatigues lighter armor, and MOAR ORANGE! (its the offseason deal with it)

right now in my army these guys are fullfilling the role of Command Squad, and so the five guys make sense, for now. 3 with lasguns, 1 grenade launcher, and the Vox operator with chainsword. when i finish the unit out there will be an actual sergeant, and will either add a melta gun, plasma gun or a flamer of some sorts.

Heavy Weapons squad. had some left over paint on my brush so started attacking these guys as well. This pic shows the gun painted in gray as well, however i decided to not continue that with the others. so black gun, metal bits, but the shield is painted gray (AND ORANGE!)
so this is what i have done since i last checked in. not much but that is life right now. Next on my list of 'wants' is another box of guardsmen and scions to finish the vets, a command squad (I want to use the cloaks in the scion box for all these guys) and maybe another Russ. after that i need some hydras, some sentinels and maybe another Russ or 20. but that may not happen until my birthday, in June, so we will see what happens.