Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Checking In (warning a lot of text no pictures)

So I suck, lets get that out of the way. Reasons I suck.

1. Forgot my gmail password and so I couldn't log on
2. Took me several months to figure the old one out (couldn't change any of the settings without said password)
3. Haven't posted in forever
4. Haven't done anything hobby related in months (gaming)
5. Work is kicking my ass and right now devoting time to painting is too much like work.
6. I have a big trip to Germany coming up so I have no money to spend.
7. Since the new year i have had 1 weekend when i stayed relatively close to home without major events going on.

My boss at work decided i needed more responsibilities without telling me what they are or explaining wtf I am supposed to be doing so work is stressful but 'good for my career'.

I have two articles planned atm. One will be a 'whats on my desk' 132nd focused (they grew slightly over Christmas) and the second will be an update to things that i want for Warhammer Total War (WTW) which i will try to get Bob to weigh in on.

on a few hobby related notes. I don't like the direction fantasy is headed and agree with pretty much everything Bob has said. Two what is with GW making models that have the tiniest connection to the base? (Bloodthrister I am looking at you). 3. for any of the Steam freaks out there check out Mordheim (based on the tabletop game) it is pre-release early access right now but still fun. I think it will be worth the 30 bucks when i comes out full blown.

anyway back to my work dungeon. peace.

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  1. Definitely will weigh in on Total War. Hopefully we will start getting some solid info on it soon. Also, the new Mordheim game is pretty fun and seems faithful to the tabletop version (from what I know/remember of it).