Thursday, April 9, 2015

Warhammer Total War Freak Out Part Deux

So again the rumors of this being real have started circulating and with the completion of Attila Total War (kinda meh btw) they should be able to focus on W:TW. So accordingly both Bob and I are both

So of course the main thing we want to see is this NOT set in the End of Times lore, but whatever the last one was, 8. Personally I would like to see it as kinda the boss battle at the end of the 200 turns, after you have won or loss, Bob doesn't want anything to do with it. 

Seeing as how Total War has gone more and more the direction of Factions I thought of how this could be a cool way to personalize some of the factions in W:TW. For instance as the Dwarf player you can align with one of the Guilds that gives you a boost and maybe access to a unique unit. Empire gets a choice of Knight Chapters, Orks & Gobbos you get Tribes (Yellow Suns etc)
I also still want to see an ability to 'grow' your regions. 

So going back to Rome 2 there are Regions which have 2-4 provinces each, with 1 major city. Keep that same structure but add in another tier of villages down bellow which can't produce units but offer some kind of unique benefit (more farms, lumber, mining, shrine, fort etc). these can't be conquered or held but are affected by things affecting the province, food shortage, plague, invasion to the point where they could disappear. I think this would really help show how fluid the Warhammer World is.

Also with the Total Wars releasing a bare minimum of races so they can sell you the others later as DLCs I feel they will do the same here.
Original Release: Empire, Bretonia, Dwarves, Orcs and/or Gobbos, Chaos and maybe Beasts and Skaven:really just the Old World Races and map
Elves DLC: High Elves with some colonies, Dark Elves and wood elves 
New World: Lizards with maybe some colonies for other races (empire, elves and vamps?)
Undead DLC: Vamps and Tomb Kings, 
Misc DLC: Ogres and maybe the races that don't get DLCed before. (lizards maybe)
I think each DLC will be worth it because it will require an expansion of the map, and pretty significant each time.

I think I covered this before but I think there will be/should be another "realm" of underground, with limited access points home to Dwarves, Skaven and Gobbos. not sure how I want it to work but can't wait to see something. I am thinking a few settlements grouped together with a lot of uncontrollable area in between. 

I see characters acting a lot like agents, attachable to armies with limited battlefield role, but very helpful on the campaign map, maybe certain ones give you One Off/Limited Number of special battlefield abilities. so obviously each race would have different types of agents. I see five basic types: Combat Leaders, Mages, Agents/Assassins, Engineers and Monsters. 

btw: the pics are an assortment of Bob's and mine armies, i forgot my Skaven for whatever reason.
John: Tomb Kings, Chaos, Lizards and Dwarves (and invisible Skaven and High Elves)
Bob: Bretonia, Empire, Beastmen (kinda),High Elves and Dark Elves (his dad has a few orks as well)


  1. If these rumors of the light faction and evil faction, round bases and whatnot come to fruition, then it'll be the complete death of WHFB. Period.

    Of course there's always Kings of War, or else pull the wizard out of my Empire army and they could easily function as a renaissance era army (assuming they could find a decent rule set to play in). Or, especially given that I have a Skaven army as well, I'll just say fuck it all, and stick with the current edition (pre-end times and its ridiculous Lords & Heroes percentage allotments).

  2. I think at this point both John and I are going to be saying fuck it and sticking with this edition (8) if these rumors turn out to be true. I have thought about looking into Kings of War (have the rules but haven't read them yet) as something to try but use my Fantasy models for it. Needless to say confidence in the direction Fantasy is going is basically nonexistent

    1. KoW strikes me as a sad rip off though, I deleted the rules within hours of downloading them.

      I do wonder if my WHFB armies will be much like my Grymn; i.e.: armies painted just for the sake of painting them...

    2. That doesn't surprise me. I still will give them a read though just to be fair.

      I don't see a reason to not use them still. Who know what they will do if 9th falls flat on its ass.

  3. yeah i think i will treat 8th as the last edition. as if GW just stopped making stuff (rules at least) with that one. i still want to play the game as is, i just now have no reason to expand.