Thursday, July 31, 2014

There was a City Fight!!!!!

Obligatory Boondock Saints photo.

Greetings folks! Bob here with brief article on Games Workshop's urban terrain line. With the release of the new Real of Battle set I figured this would be as good a time as any to take a look at some of the terrain my Dad has stashed around the house. Back when the plastic Imperial city terrain first came out GW ran a limited release of a big ass box o' buildings for, by today's standards at least, a pretty good price (if my memory is correct and feel free to chime in with what it was if anyone remembers). Being the suckers for a good deal that we are, my old man and I purchased said box at a discount from our then local FLGS in Chattanooga (don't ask what the name was because we went through several in the space of a few years). At the time, we built around five structures total and decided to leave the rest for another day. Well, jump foreword to July 2014 and while I have been visiting my folks we decided to crack open the box and see what was left.

The original box

Turns out we had left a lot more not built than we remembered! We decided to bring out what was already built and see what else we could throw together. As best as I can tell, the original Imperial City box contained the equivalent of somewhere between 2 and 3 Imperial Sectors in today's availability (and I guarantee we didn't pay $360 for it either.....). So without further adieu here is what all we have managed to get built

The above box built all of this.

Another view.

And left all of this as bitz.

So with the kitchen table conveniently set up for a little urban warfare, we decided to bust out some armies and throw down. We decided to go with 1500 points of Tau (the old man) and Guard (me). Here are a few photos taken from turn 3 of the game. We played mission 1 in the BRB with 3 objectives (two for me and one for him)

Not a lot of movement given the set up. Except for the damn battle suits

Storm Troopers dropping in to say "hi"

Each side was getting withered down by shooting
The glorious dead and dirty Xeno bastards as of Turn 3

Despite some early game hot dice rolling from me, the filthy space commies ended up taking home a victory 7-3 by the end of the game (two objectives and first blood for the old man). The perfidious Xenos managed to wipe out one of my flanks and seriously compromise my other objective (though not contest it). I suppose a Tau victory was in order given the last time the Guard and Tau met on the field the Tau got shot to bloody ribbons thanks to massed weapon team spam on my part and a suck ass version of rules on his. This time the old man was mighty pleased with the amount of death he dealt to the servants of the Golden Throne and managed to give me hell about it for several days after the fact. I will be returning to my own place here in the next few weeks, but before I go we are going to bust out some Viking and Saxons to have a throw down and possibly a mythology inspired clash between the Vikings with Dwarf allies against a marauding Goblin horde.

As always, happy gaming folks!

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  1. Vikings and Saxons? Do you mean Space Wolves and...Storm Wardens? Oh wait no, those are Scotsmen in power