Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Final Judgement


So I have had a little more time to get some work done. Got Judgement ready to go, not much changed that the pics will show, but cleaned up the lines, added the orange stripes, added the camo to the turret and dirtied the old girl up.

A little grit
I added some dirt and grime to the tank. I didn't want to over do it, as 1. this is my first time, 2. I didn't want to ruin the camo pattern and 3. with this being a new regiment and tank i didn't feel right covering the sob up in mud, so i wanted it to seem like it had rolled through some mud, not gone 9 rounds with a Blood Thirster. So I just paper-toweled on some brown to the treads, undercarriage and the tread guards.

Platoon Command squad
Heavy flamer, melta, flag, vox and chainsword wielding commander (name pending). Since this is the first command squad to get painted this will be the command squad for first platoon.

effing vox operator fell apart 4 gd times, now has as much glue as the judgement does

major painting done, now just have to make them look nice. 

Flag - words to be added (1st Platoon, 132nd Myrmindons)
So i still have a lot of detail to add to the inf, but painting is going real fast. since this was a command squad i am giving them more orange to stand out. (that color selection has nothing to do with my collegiate allegiance WOOOH GO VOLS!, nothing at all)

Schmucky Mcgee and flamer boy, the worlds tiniest super hero and side kick combo
In FistfullofD6 news, I am finally getting Bob down to Atlanta for some gaming at the GW store. Should get in at least two games. The first will be fantasy where I will undoubtedly prove my superiority again, may whip out the lizards to make him cry. Then I will be giving 40k a try, bought another command squad and infantry squad to give myself a legal army (750pts or so) but will probably take some of Bob's ig to fill out, not sure what i will be fighting there, but Bob's Dad's Orks may make an appearance. (its quite the WAAAAGGGGHHHHH he has been building) so look for a battle report or 3 and some more pics soon. 


  1. UT Orange really isn't a good choice for the IG since Penal units were removed from the

  2. Basically they are really good at hide and seek, which caused high command to eff up, and now the various high commanders resent the Mrymidons, so the Mrymidons now mark their armor. Think the union soldiers at the battle of Chickamauga when Longsteet charged

  3. and my models, I do what I want