Friday, July 18, 2014


To continue on a FistFull's IG/AM splurge, I present this.

name plate (Judgement)

With the dearth (complete lack for you Ork players out there) of posts by me you would think Bob wasn't the only one abroad. I have had little time for hobby time down here in Atlanta. But when I have found 5 mins and a little inspiration I have been working. I finished the bundle of IG/AM i got and decided on a paint scheme.

Text reads (132nd) I will add armor kill tally's as the Judgement earns them

This is a Leman Russ Vanquisher whose name is Judgement of the 132nd regiment (other text on the turret) Primary color is the dark grey. I wanted to do something a little  different and something I have never done before (like paint a tank). So I added some camo after the idea of WWII warships, particularly the Brits. The tank has patches of a light and dark grey and then lines that randomly cross it which will change directions randomly. The idea behind this camo scheme is not to hide the ship (or tank) but to make it harder for the enemy to make out the profile of the big steel target which is usually easy to find. Whether or not I actually achieved this remains to be seen.

Say hello to my little friend(s)-finally remembered to add the sponson weapons
So I was shocked putting together my first tank that I would be able change out weapons at will without any work. So I haven't glued in any of the weapons, including the main cannon. But I think it will mainly run as seen above (Vanquisher, lascannon, and two heavy bolters)

close up of the stripes
So I am about 60% done, and the lines need a lot of cleaning up, along with adding the orange stripes (which would remove any chance of 'hiding' the Judgement) and before anyone gets too impressed I drew on the black lines. I still have to add the stripes on the turret and add some grit and dirt here and there as I am able.

I have worked up a bit of a history for the Judgement but, I am waiting on either a battle report or completion of the paint job (hahaha that's never going to happen) to release and really work on the history. I have really enjoyed painting this guy up, but damn that's a lot of area to cover.

Each of the stripes is outlined with the black you just can't see it. The camo is so good it camo's itself.


  1. I've pondered using the 'Dazzle' type camo on Imperial vehicles before, but never have. Good to see someone tried it though. :-)

  2. Next time I am going to do solid base color, the two color scheme didn't turn out like I hoped. Either that or I am going to have to add another grey, which I am reluctant to do on a model this large, even if it brings the scheme closer to the historical precedent.