Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The 132nd Myrmidons "The Stonewall Regiment"

So as promised here is the start of my first Imperial Guard Regiment. I bought one of the Cadian Defense Force bundle packages so I have a lot of models to build. Start with the basic guardsmen, found some of the gun poses to be wonky and continuing the GW mantra of models that only work in one pose. However on the plus side there seems to be a lot more bits which has me excited.

A couple pics of my two paint scheme possibilities. I already have a favorite but wanted to see what everybody/anybody thought. I spent 30 mins getting these two guys painted.

Front with dark grey armor light grey fatigues

back with same paint scheme

"stormtrooper, light grey armor, dark grey fatigues

eff this pic, it would not cooperate with the article

So I like the basic color scheme goes with the Guard mass production. Orange is a way to spice it up. Got a lengthy if unproven background for my men. 

They come from a large binary star system, with two suns, Myram & Dynox so the system is known as Myrmidox. 18 planets total, 4 or them are capable of supporting life, while several others have been colonized but various factors lead them to be lightly settled (relatively, only a few hundred million people on them) The Myrmidox System lays in the galatic south in the Segmentum Tempestus near the Reductus Sector. Being near a internal border has been dangerous with many orkish invasions with a WAAGGHH (not to be confused with a WWWWAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH) swinging through every couple decades. They have also been attacked a couple times by the Nids. And one of the planets may or may not have some living automatons on them. Also coming out of the Reductus Sector are several smaller alien species, including an expansionist arachnid species (TBD), as well as the troublesome Hrud, if i can find some more info on them to bring in to the story line. 
Platoon Command Squad, 1st Infantry Squad, 3 autocannons and a Chimera (name to come later)

  Besides the 132nd I have named and come up with a little back ground on a few other honored regiments from the Myrmidox system, and I might break down more about the system later too after more pics of finished assembly and more painting. Again comment on which color scheme you prefer. 

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