Thursday, June 12, 2014

Current State of Things

So a couple updates about things going on here at the blog. Bob has left the country again for another indeterminate amount of time, without so much as a good bye. So that leaves me and I have been exceedingly busy at work-damnit I need a raise. And I have a lot of stuff going on here in Atlanta, none of it GW related so I am a bit sparse on material. So I am throwing up some pics of current models I am working on. As some of you have seen before, here chaos is one of my smallest armies but I am taking my time to paint them up nice. Going for the cold-icy look. Also haven't done a blue army so it gets some variety in my painting.

These four guys are about 60-70% done. Some more highlights and clean ups as well as the 'ice' to add. Just a couple layers of blue and then the cloaks are brown, with a later of a flesh tone, then a top layer of bleached bone or whatever it is now.

So this is the final product I am pushing towards.

As far a projects/blogs in the future I am hoping to start building my Astra Militarum force. Hoping to get some guardsmen to assemble and start testing color schemes. Really want to do a kinda tau-esque paint job on them. What I mean there is a techy paint job- the major colors will be soft with some nice splashes to stand out. Will probably do an article once I have them and start on the lore. Then after that some start to the paint schemes with more lore, then hopefully sometime soon a finished product of something I like.

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