Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What is on the old paint table

Howdy gentle readers!

I wanted to take a brief look at what all is on my painting table at the moment. As anyone who has talked to me or read this blog for any amount of time knows, I have a semi eclectic system of painting. I typically paint five or ten models in a unit/squad at a time in a futile effort to establish some sort of organization to what I am working on. I can sustain this for a while before I get bored of painting the same colors over and over and grab something random to splash in. My large block of models I am working on now is some Iron Snakes, but here are some of the random figures I have going as well.

This isn't the start of a Tau army, I promise. This is actually for my old man's army. I got this Cadre Fireblade while I was in Paris over the summer. The color scheme is for his custom Sept, Ra'al Tan. I have never painted Tau so this has been a pretty fun little side project.

After some recent games of Fantasy with my trusty High Elfs I decided I wanted to bust some of them out to get painted up. Again, these are some great one off models (except the Sister of Avelorn, she is a unit champion and test model for the unit). The Loremaster has been pretty fun to paint, especially the magic effect. I am also pretty pleased with the female models in the High Elf army. They are GW female models that aren't sculpted like shite. It has been fun to try out some more intricate washing and highlighting on these models. I am trying to up the quality of my techniques, especially on characters.

Lastly we come to this Necromancer I dug out of my old storage box. I have a very small start on a Vampire Counts army and I wanted to get a character for them painted up. I am trying out some washing and highlighting on the face. He has such a perfect face for experimenting with shading and highlights. I also wanted to do some different effects for old bone. My skeletons in the army will not be my standard bleached bone (or whatever the hell the new paint is called) and brown wash. I will try and get some pictures of the example skeleton up in the near future.

That is all for now folks. Look for a Dwarf article from John going up by the end of the week. Happy gaming!


  1. Ah, I see we use the same painting methods Also, we just ordered a Cadre Fireblade for Amy yesterday!

    1. The Fireblade is an awesome unit. She should get some good use out of it. Are you going to do any converting on it?