Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Battle Report 750pts Dwarves vs Elves

First off this was the first battle for my opponent so a lot of rules were ignored, no magic items; 1 hero 2 core and 1 special unit.

Runesmith w/ shield, 10 Thunderers w/ shields, 20 Longbeards w/ great weapons & shields, 13 Ironbreakers*

Lvl 2 Mage mounted on barded steed, 10 swordmasters, 10 seaguard w/ shields and 10 Silver Helms w/ shields* **

*mixed command on both sides.
**I reviewed his list once and saw he missed some models from what he paid for but didn't check a second time and he cheated himself of 10 seaguard

not my opponent, this time

We deployed on a small 30x30 table no terrain already within shooting range of each other. Ironbreakers w/ runesmith on my left flank, longbeards in the middle and thunderers on my right. Silver helms across from my ironbreakers, swordmasters across from longbeards and seaguard across from thunderers, mage was out on that flank too.

First Turn:
Marched longbeards and ironbreakers out a mighty 6", shot and killed 2 seaguard. He moves up silverhelms & swordmaster, magic and shooting kills 4 longbeards - TURN ELVES

Second Turn:
Just for funsy i charged his two units with mine, longbeards understandly failed but ironbreakers put on their booster packs and rolled a 12 charging the silverhelms. Shooting all 10 shots missed the mage who moved out too far. Combat w/ the new dwarven rules of +1 S on charge and runesmith giving armor piercing i killed on silver helm, he fails to get past super parry, they lose by three and flee off the table, ironbreakers pursue but no juice left in their jet packs. He turns seaguard to face whole of my army with ironbreakers now behind his lines, swordmasters charge. magic kills 2 or 3 ironbreakers and shooting fails him again. I lose 8 longbeards and kill 5 pointy ears in return, lose combat but stay stuck in TURN DWARVES\

Third Turn
Iron breakers advance toward seaguard, thunderers wound the mage. combat kills 5 longbeards and 3 elves, combat locked w/ 2 swordmasters and 3 longbeards remaining. Thunderers again fail to hit anything. His swordmasters finish off longbeards, again his shooting does nothing but another ironbreaker dies to magic. TURN ELVES

Fourth Turn
Ironbreakers attempt charge get nowhere close. Thunderers shoot swordmaster wounding three times but they parry 2 times leaving the swordmaster. swordmaster rolls snake eyes on charge, seaguard charge ironbreakers and mage hides behind combat away from thunderers. seaguard hit all 9 times with rerolls wound 4 times (needing 5s) but cant get past armor and parry, i kill 6 in return he runs, i restrain and turn to face mage.

Fifth Turn
Thunderers kill remaining swordmaster, ironbreakers corner mage. seaguard rally moves away. mage finally pulls off second spell targeting runemsith but it blows up in his face killing his mage but wounds my runesmith.

Sixth Turn
Thunderers kill last seaguard

With 7 or 8 Ironbreakers, runesmith and all 10 thunderers I would call that the resounding victory a veteran should have over the newb. Spent time afterwards going over what went wrong, and finally reviewed his list and saw the mistake, but with how ineffective they had been i doubt a few more seaguard would have mattered much. But most importantly he was introduced to the major rules and concepts of Fantasy, he enjoyed it and got hooked with lore, he also learned to hate the dice. And I got to strike off a few grudges, while adding 1 for those pesky swordmasters.

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