Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Warmachine First Impressions

Greetings folks!

Not too long ago I managed to get in two games of Warmachine. These were my first games ever with the system so I thought I would offer a few of my first impressions. I am not really going to go into much detail on the two battles since they were both learning games more or less for all of us involved.


I like the models Privateer Press has put out for the various Warmachine factions. The designs certainly aren't revolutionary, but they certainly fit the Steam Punk/Sorcery aesthetic. My main complaints come from the choice of poses and mold designs they have gone with for models. First of all, the plastic Storm Blades I recently purchased were god awful to put together. They really need to leave the models on the frames rather than cutting them off to package. Whatever process they use to clip the models from the frames leaves a horrible amount of plastic left over to trim off and file down at the cut points. The system of pegs used to attach limbs is also fairly clumsy and even a slight miss clip can cause attachment issues. The posses themselves are also not the most fluid or natural.

My test Storm Blade model.

The Rules

So what did I think of the actual game? Well, my first impressions were positive. It is a much smaller scale game then what I normally prefer, but I had fun in the two games I played. Warmachine seems to be a much more skirmish level game and the rules are pretty balanced to reflect that. Even the larger 60 point game i played didn't have that many models on the table. Even for teaching games, the two I played went by pretty fast. The action starts early and never really stops over the course of a game. Attacks can be boosted in damage fairly easily, making most units incredibly deadly if set up correctly. I look forward to getting some more games under my belt so I can get a better perspective on the rules.

That is all for now folks. I will come back in the future with a more in depth article after I get some more games under my belt. Until then, look for a article on my current 40k project in the near future as well as a look at what is on my painting table. Happy gaming folks!