Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Touch of Heresy (part 1)

Greetings, folks!

So over the holidays I had a rare flash of inspiration. I really like the Captain Sicarius model of the Ultramarines. I don't have any interest in making a Second Company of the Ultramarines though, but I really wanted to make something out of the model. So, why not make a Heresy era character out of it!? Thus my Emperor's Children Centurion project was born. The model is still very much in the "work in progress" stage of painting, but the converting is completely finished. The converting itself was pretty simple. All I really did was file off all the Ultramarine iconography and do a real simple magnetizing of the right hand. Currently, I have a chain sword, thunder hammer, power axe, and a relic blade magnetized for use on the model. The relic blade will be a Paragon Blade for use in gaming, or just a regular power sword. I used the relic blade from the Vanguard kit. I thought the "Imperialis" engraved into the blade would fit perfectly into the III Legion motif.

 So where do I want to go with the whole Heresy side of the hobby? Good question! I want to create some forces for the Emperor's Children, Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, Iron Warriors, and the Thousand Sons in addition to making Legion forces for the Dark Angels and probably the Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and the Ultramarines. Ease of access and pricing being what they are, I don't see these projects being entered into seriously for a while. I love the Mk II, III, and IV styles of armor that Forge World makes. I also love that the new Space Marine Tactical Squad kit comes with the correct components to make a full Mk IV suit. The real obstacle to collecting a Heresy army is the sheer cost of purchasing the models I want from Forge World. I have recently made a order with Forge World and it is allegedly winning its way to me courtesy of the Royal Mail (I forgot to expedite the shipping so god knows when it will get to little old Tennessee). Part two of this wonderfully rambling series of articles will focus on the models and my first attempts to make a 30k Legion army list or three. Until then, happy gaming!

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