Monday, April 1, 2013


Yes I have been doing some gaming down in Atlanta, hasnt gone well for me because I am waaaaayyyy behind. But will show you pictures of my current undersized warband.
Warband Champion Lvl N00b

back of sir newb

Took exalted hero model, hacked off old weapons gave him stuff from Chaos Knights box, then shield and sword on back from warrior box. I like the look.

P.B.I. Poor Bloody Infantry

 Yeah marauders good at dying and running away

Chaos Warriors are completely underwhelming when fighting other chaos models

thats 'Mister Drools a Lot' to you

 Good old spawn, handy in small games, easily overpowered in more recent games. My only model with real hitting power right now.

All my guys get the mark of Tzeentch, or spawn of tzeentch, giving them an almost worthless 6+ ward save, or breath weapon for spawn. really need more guys in warband.

and because one time I rolled to get this guy but did not have the model DAEMON PRINCE, now that I have one I will never roll to get him again
lots of reposing went into this model
 and for one battle someday I will get to bring this mamba jamba

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