Thursday, April 25, 2013

Of Heresy and Other Ramblings.

Howdy folks,

Long time, no post so lets get down to business. Due to my lack of foresight and general level of s%!t I have had to do lately I am going to attempt to jog my little brain to remember some of the highlights of my last game with my Dark Angels versus Da Masta Chiefs Orks from a while back. It was an awesome game and I had a lot of fun.We played a Scouring game and right out of the gate my smaller army was an asset (fewer possible victory points). I ended up taking what is rapidly becoming my "go to" selection of Dark Angels: two Tac squads with plasma guns and cannons plus a nice chunk of Deathwing to do some killing with and a small Ravenwing contingent to muck about with. In all honesty I still haven't gotten the hang of synergizing the three elements as efficiently as possible. The bikes have proven to be a bit of a curve ball for me to remember to properly use. Like I said previously it was a very fun game and, as always, a blood bath. Thankfully it is a blood bath that ended in my favor fairly comfortably this time. Plasma weapons against, well against most anything really, work much like the Bass O' Matic 76 ( The Bass O Matic 76) from the old Saturday Night Live commercial. They slice, they dice, and after roasting several Orks without an over heat they get to be quite a rush. Deathwing Knights are still pretty awesome but they are not a sledge hammer. I am finding that a more rapier like use is the most effective. Dump them in via deep strike or Landraider, whichever floats your boat, and make sure they shield wall. Then just point them at what needs to die and let the good times roll. Just make sure you have some other units to back them up with fire support and possibly some meat walls as they tend to draw all teh aggro. And if I have missed anything glaringly obvious Chief feel free to jump in here. Check out some pictures of the battle here. 

Holy crap all the Orks!

Deez gitz is leggin it!

Bass O Matic 76. Check the link out too!

 Now on to the next bit of rambling. Recently I made a purchase off of Ebay on a whim. I ordered a set of Iron Armor marines from a seller in Hong Kong for a reasonable price. It was a good experience with price and shipping and the items came as pictured and they appear to be authentic. The only problem is is that two of the legs are off center from the mold. I am not sure what the general consensus is about Forge World but my experience has always been very positive in the quality of the models. Now I can fix the legs with green stuff but after this I believe I will be ordering direct from the mother ship so to speak. The price difference wasn't that significant and if I run in to another model issue I can at least get the stuff replaced. I have had great experience with Forge World customer service in the past. So why did I buy these models you ask? Well gentle reader I have decided to dip my toe in the waters of 30k gaming, with a bit of a twist. I have magnetized the trigger hand on the models and "modern" boltguns so that they can be exchanged. I will be likely painting the models in colors for modern Chapters so I can use the models interchangeably. Right now I think I will paint up a Space Wolf, Blood Angel, Ultramarine, Iron Hand, and Imperial Fist. Of course I will be adding more models to my Heresy era collection to represent the Legions, both loyalist and traitor, in the future. I think my first pure Heresy era army will be a force of Luna Wolves with some Emperor's Children. Mainly I want the Garviel Loken and (when they make it) Saul Tarvitz models to lead my forces. Knowing me I will likely end up with a fore for all of the Legions at some point. This isn't going to be my primary hobby focus, but rather a side effort to be purchased and painted as the fancy takes me. Speaking of fancies, take a look at what my latest one has produced.  

I leave you with this image good reader. Happy gaming folks!


  1. 1) The only 2 things of note I recall that were left out were as follows: The Ravenwing charging a mob of boys & getting wiped out and my looted wagon using its boom gun to kill the red trukk, lol!

    2) on the bass-o-matic. I remeber a radio interview with Akroyd where they brought that up, and he said after airing that they got an angry letter from a woman berating them for coming up such a horrible thing to do to a fish! He replied to it saying 'This is how my aunt makes her fish soup'. lol!

    3) FW is stellar to deal with if you have any issues! Hong Kong...given that they're copies, no telling what they kind of service, if any that they'd provide in that situation...

  2. Oh man I forgot about the "friendly fire" incident lol. Yes my Ravenwing brought much shame to the second company that day....
    Like I said I will be ordering from the mother ship from now on. Their customer support is fantastic!