Saturday, April 6, 2013

More evidence

More pictures of evidence. And if this was the only time I dealt with these issues I would simply send GW an email with these pics and ask for my money back or a new model. But every finecast has had these same issue. I have made 4 or 5 others I am not quite sure.

Ok notice the hooves, 3 of them are floating if the big base piece is flat on ground, I will probably have to cut off the base to get a true flat surface. If you look on back of box you can see where they had to fill in themselves to get the hooves to hit the ground.

Notice horn is slightly warped, the middle juts out farther than the curve it should have. This one is not so bad and wouldnt be commented on if this was only issue.

Ok now the haft of his hammer is bent up out of line with hammer. This is after I bent it back somewhat. again not worth mentioning by itself.

Notice they had to fill in space in back for hooves to rest, so unless I am missing a piece they are admitting on the back of box they messed up.


  1. FAILcost is absolute garbage, i refuse to buy anything made of it! I sent them a screaming email with photos of my inquisitor coteaz after his resin hammer shaft warped around his body while being stored in their case. Unsurprisingly they, deigned any sort of response unnecessary.

  2. I desperately try not to buy Fine Crap when I can. I don't understand why they couldn't have used resin more similar to Forge World's. I have never had problems with anything from Forge World. I really hope the rumors that Fine Cast is temporary are true. Oh well, c'est la vie.

  3. Cheef got two things to say to that 1: eff that so hard. 2: if you live anywhere near a real GW store go in a show the owner, the one down here in ATL is real cool about replacing shit models, and I hope others are too. From talking to him and others at the store yours is a common problem, the owner said it happens more to custom orders than orders that go through the shop, shipping company maybe, and he has suggested time and again to do orders through a GW store, you have to wait longer but he said your models are more likely to turn out ok