Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gaming today

Hey folks, Bob here. Today both John and I will be doing some gaming. John is going to be playing down at Games Workshop: City Walk in Hotlanta, Georgia and I will be playing over at Hobby Town USA in good ole Johnson City. City Walk has a cool campaign starting up to get players into a new Warriors of Chaos army called Path to Glory. Warbands of Chaos will be going at each other. Hopefully John will put up some thoughts on the days events and maybe some thoughts on playing Warriors of Chaos. Meanwhile I will be taking my Dark Angels over to Hobby Town for my first time trying out the army since the new book came out. I will do an article on my thoughts on the army and what list(s) I try out. Hope you guys and gals can get some gaming in today too!!


  1. Was good seeing you today Bob, you need to come out & play with us more often!

  2. Thanks man! I had fun. I will be out as often as I can, which will hopefully be more than I have been!