Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Army Transport

Hey folks,

Can someone out there recommend a good army transport system? I want something that can hold a lot of infantry plus a land raider and a rhino sized vehicle or two. I would also like something to haul my paints around as well. If you could I would like the exacts size of foam trays that would work best for 40k models. Thanks!

P.S. I haven't forgotten about giving you my thoughts on my first battle with the new Dark Angels. Academia has been a cruel mistress lately so I will be getting to it soon. I will give you a short preview of how it went though. I won with one model left on the board in a 3k game against two 1500 point nidzilla armies.



  2. I use a GW mini case (bought 2nd hand) for the infantry, and the Sabol trays for the vehicles, exodite critters, etc.. HT can order the trays ($8-$9 ea.) for ya (I have 2 that ought to be there this week). Then go to office depot and for $20-$30 you can get one of those file carts like a lot of us use. The standard GW case & 4ish sabol trays will fit into it perfectly.

  3. Thanks guys! I will look into that set up chief. How do you store the trays for the vehicles? Are they just loose?

  4. yes. The GW case goes on the bottom and the 4 trays fit snugly on top. Here, i did a post on my set up a long ways back:

    That or just remind me & I'll show ya if you're at the shop this weekend.