Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gaming in Atlanta!

So yes the rumors are true I did some gaming down in Atlanta yesterday. It was a tournament based on the Path to Glory Campaign, this was however just an introductory thing, and kink worker outer, which was great for me for doing both War band battles and Warriors of Chaos. So in warband/Path to Glory you have favor points to get units and deck out your Champion, you earn favor points  by participating in battles, killing the enemies big guys, winning challenges and other stuff the chaos gods look favorably upon. One nice thing is that you get to pick a god, and every unit in your warband gets that mark if they can. So me and Tzeentch most of my army had a 6+ ward save, and if they have shields 5+, the parry save is upgraded, booyah. So my warband was 4 marauders with shields, 2 normal chaos warriors, 1 chaos warrior with great weapon, 1 chosen with throwing axe, a spawn and my champion with shield and throwing axe. So without going into all the rules warband plays exactly like a normal game just with Favor Points not Victory Points, the major difference is you roll and spend favor points on the models you get, and that is what you are set with, then when you accrue more favor points you can take more rolls and add to your warband. Also there is set gear for your units then additional stuff you get to roll on, biggest difference for me was that Warriors dont have Chaos Armor just heavy armor. So onto the games, it was three games of 2v2 on 3' x 4' table lots of terrain, too much if you ask me. And Joshua if you read this I know I am now at -1 LD for the rest of the tournament. Then for the fourth battle it was a battle royal, with some heavy twists.

Game 1: Played a warband with 10 marauders, 3 forsaken, champion, and dragon ogre. To start out i could do no wrong my spawn crushed half his marauders, my warriors chomped up the other marauders and my chosen wounded the Dragon Ogre with his throwing axe. Then around turn 3 i started dying. Spawn went down my marauders got routed dragon ogre crushed chosen and warriors. I lost, everymodel dead, with about half his dead.

Game 2: Enemy Warband was two Chaos Trolls, champion, chosen and some marauders and warhounds. My spawn was MVP, killed champion chosen and marauders. My marauders killed his hounds and his trolls killed my Champion causing my marauders to flee. Then after his trolls over ran they got stupid and wandered to the edge of the map too far for me to catch in time. Victory for me.

Game 3: enemy warband was 5 warhounds, 3 warriors, 8-9 marauders and champion. This time the dice gods held me down. Crushed his warhounds then chosen was crushed my champion fled, my marauders lost combat by one fled and was caught, warriors lost by one also fled and were caught, spawn rolled a 1 for random attacks and did nothing, was killed in second round and we called it, major victory for him. I failed 3 LD tests which I should have passed causing my army to run and be easy targets.

So i won best Sport, probably bc I had lowest score of the non tournament runners, i did not actually place last thank you very much. So for that i got to take a mutalith or slaughterbrute for d6 games, for free. Well i choose Mutalith and of course only managed a 1 on the roll. But at least i will get to curb stomp somebody one game.

Sorry this is soo long but....

My comments, when playing warband the big guys/monsters are really important and dangerous while your champion and chosen are not as strong as you would think they would be.  Even with ward saves my guys died real fast. Even though i did badly i thought the tourney was fun and am looking forward to the real campaign. This has been great for forcing me to buy units and get them painted in a hurry, as well as trying out models i normally wouldnt take. In the future i will have my champion and chosen in units because alone they are squishy. Also from this tourney i learned warhounds are a bad choice as they always die real fast and have trouble doing damage. And that LD is big big big in these small games as one unit fleeing or dying takes away for me a 3rd or 4th of my army.

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