Monday, January 28, 2013

Glory to the First

Hey folks Bob here. I know I had said that I would do the Horus Heresy: Betrayal as my first "book review" but I have changed my mind. My first "book review" will be a release that I have been waiting on for a good while. So without further adieu I present to you (in case you haven't already guessed what it is) the subject of that post:
For the Lion! Holy crap I love the cover art!

Sorry I haven't been on in a goodly while here folks. Academia has once again gotten her evil claws into me again. Now that I am getting in the swing of things I should be posting on here somewhat more often. Some things in the pipes include the above mentioned Dark Angels book review and some commentary on the new models (with pictures!) that I have purchased and are working on. Also my old man recently gave me a good idea for a linked 40k, Battle Fleet Gothic campaign that would involve the retaking of a system and would involve several of the 40k expansions so I will likely be expanding on that idea a bit. Also I have been revisiting my Imperial Guard and this has got me thinking about narrative in army building so I would like to explore the subject and share some of the fiction I have concocted for my Cadian army as well as the crusade force of which they are part. Till then folks, happy gaming as always!!

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