Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warriors of Chaos! or Warriors of Chaos!!

So as you may have guessed I have turned to the dark side. When the new Warriors of Chaos book came out I got the book and started building an army.

and 5 ws, 4s&t, 2a, and a basic armor save of 4+
So as far as history goes this book doesnt really have much. Chaos came into the world, screwed up what was here in the most epic battles ever, didnt finish the job the first time so keep coming back to finish the job. This book brings you up to date on all things in the evil world, no changes that i saw I have never had the book before. Getting into the rules of this book is where things start to get fishy. Some good changes and some bad and some head scratchers. Basically get this book if there has ever been something you wanted to do in other armies but couldnt. Want a BA wizard who is also good at combat, chaos, want the best core choice in the game for cheaper, chaos, want a monster so unbelievably broke, chaos, want really great shooting, choas well not really but still Hellcannon is scary. Basically this army seems set up to ignore at least one phase, shooting, while possibly ignoring another magic, and absolutely dominating in combat. If this army gets to the other army in one piece it will be a blood bath fast. Chaos seems like a great army to start with, becuase like i said it lets you focus on making your army great at one thing, combat, so you get to learn that. Also units can be expensive so even a 2000pt army will have only a few models, if you want, while it can also range into the realm of huge at 2000pts

There are so many broke things in this army that I will take several posts to describe them all. I will list them all here just to get them out there. Magic, Marks of Chaos(all of them), Eye of the Gods, Chaos Armor, Chaos Lord, Sorcerrer Lord, Exalted Hero, Sorcerrer, Chaos Dragon, daemonic mount, manticore, chaos warriors, chaos marauders, chaos chariot, chosen chaos knights, dragon ogres, chimera, gorebeast chariot, chaos warshrine, hellcannon, dragon ogre shaggoth, skullcrusher, slaughterbrute, mutalith vortex beast, pretty much every special character, daemon prince, and once again because it is so broke Eye of the Gods. yes i pretty much listed everything in the book


  1. Sorry Bob, but Matt Ward wrote the Daemons army book, which means by default that like the Daemons in 7th ed WHFB, the game is now broken beyond repair...

  2. Oh joy. Also you guys playing at HT this weekend?

  3. Yup, will be at the new store location starting @ 6. Usually play 1500 point games.

  4. Cool I will try to make it tomorrow