Monday, January 28, 2013


Most definitely my most successful and largest army. My list is very blunt right now, 80 saurus warriors, old blood on a carnasaur, 30 something skinks, 9 chameleons, 5 terradons, 6 krokigors and some other random skink priests and scar veterans, that is it, no banner not too many dinosaurs. So the lizardmen army break down into two categories, lizards and dinosaurs. Lizards being saurus and skinks, these make up the vast bulk of you army and come in several different flavors. Dinosaurs are expensive but add a lot of fun that I have not utilized so far. Stegadons and carnasaurs for hitting power. Razordorns and salamanders for short range death, I dare someone to charge a pack of 3 razordorn, I double dog dare you. Terradons and coldones for quick movement. and krokigors for some added punch. In a quick summary of how the pieces of my army have faired. Saurus have done exactly what I want them to do and have been happy with them but i have learned recently that i have too many of them. Skinks almost always surprise me in a good way with their shooting, even if short ranged they can be deadly cannon fodder. Old blood either wipes units off the map or wont do jack. krokigors have been worse than useless, i never get anywhere close to their point total back. Terradons are also hit or miss. So in the coming months i will be buying and adding to my army to make it 1 bigger and 2 more options and 3 just to piss Bob off.

Some general complaints, saurus have a I of 1, 1!!! 1? are you serious, they strike after skeletons. they are slower than hundreds year dead reanimated corpses, i call bs. I am not saying they need to be 5s or 6s but atleast 3s, make them competitive, they were created by the Old Ones to fight!!!!! Another saurus based complaint, saurus warrior LD=8, saurus temple guard =8, saurus scar veteran = 8, saurus old blood =8. seeing a pattern? I mean come on bump up the character LD attributes to atleast a 9 if not 10. Blow pipes need to be quick to fire/reload so they dont have penalty for shooting twice when stationary. Krokigors need major major major rework. they lowered their strength to a 4, the same as the saurus. then with the great weapon they have to wait to hit and then they can hit anything. also the krokigor ancient is not worth the points, 20pt upgrade for +1 A, to compare a master bred Rat Ogre (SKAVEN) costs 15pts to upgrade, gives +1WS, +1I, +1A complete bs. The nice things in this army are too expensive to be really effective. Slann are only a LVL 4 wizard? These guys have been casting spells before any other race had a civilization, even the HIGH ELVES, they have forgotten more than the pointy ears know. and yet they are only LVL 4, they need some serious upgrading when it comes to the magic field, I know you can give the Gifts of the Ancients but a 50pts a pop they cost too much, they at least need Loremaster and a boost to spell casting/dispelling and channeling. High elf mages get a +1 to dispelling but these guys who taught the elves magic dont get anything.

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