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Bob and I love playing Warhammer Fantasy. However lately it has 1: died off. 2. had some rule changes we don't agree with in the previous edition. Seeing how the game is supposed to be fun, and i think we both still get a great deal of enjoyment out of it; I figured why not spice it up. Besides the usual house rules we generally go with, I decided why not borrow from 40k with the random missions/victory points. And then I took it a step farther, why not make these random missions/victory points just random things? Nothing that would obviously change the outcome of the game (player B gets a dragon), but some funny stuff sparked by what I saw on the Desert Groups article on Gorkamorka.

Ironwarden w/ Trollhammer Torpedo

These could just about be anything, just some ideas off the top of my head.

1. Tug-of-War. A unit from either side activates the "card". the closest enemy unit is "poofed" (mark the original location) over to "combat" with the initiating unit. a round of combat is "fought" the winner wins the tug of war and gets the victory point. (no casualties are assessed from the combat, the combat is merely the tug of war) The poofed unit is then poofed back as if nothing had happened except for the victory point. The controlling player of the winner gets an extra victory point if that unit is still on the table at the end of the game. (fleeing is still on the table)

2. Feeling Orky. When this card is activated the unit rolls a D6, on any roll but a 6 the unit fights amongst itself (D3 hits +1 per row of 5 models). if any models are removed from the infighting that unit may now move again and for the rest of the game has +1S +1M +1A. on a roll of a D6 the unit just moves again.

3. Where does this go? Initiating unit finds a rather large and inviting tunnel and decides to explore (can opt out at this point only). the controlling player then rolls a D6 and is moved to the corresponding card location. if the number rolled was this card the controlling player can place the unit on any board edge, as if it had just returned to the table, this unit can move, but not charge from its new location. This could also spark combat (if an enemy unit is sitting on the rolled number) or activate the "new" card. the hole is only activated once.

Irondrakes, from this angle the blue is more prevalent

4. What do we have here? The unit finds treasure worth 2 VPs! However this unit can no longer move, as long as they control the VP. you can "abandon" the VPs. this unit however is now unbreakable and acts as if they have no flanks or rear as they circle up on the treasure, assuming they haven't abandoned the prize.

5. Hot Potato. This card is worth 1 VP to the controlling player at the end of the game. The discovering unit brings this card with them. For every turn the controlling unit holds the potato after the first turn they get burned and lose D3 troops, no saves. The potato can be passed to friendly units by coming within 2" of an un-engaged unit. A unit with the potato stuck in combat is stuck with the potato, and can't transfer the potato until combat is over. The potato can be dropped voluntarily, the potato is dropped if the unit flees for whatever reason. The potato can be passed as many times as possible in a turn but can not return to a unit that held it that turn (no givesy backsy). A word of advice, never go full potato.

6. What is that? Random low level monstrous creature is spawned on the spot. bring me its head. after determining the creature (whatever you have on hand) roll a D6. on a 1 the enemy places the creature wherever he wants (not within 6" of a unit) the creature then moves off in a random direction 6". on a 2-5 the creature is placed at or near the center of the table (not within 6" of either sides units) the creature then wanders in a random direction 6". on a roll of a 6 the iniating player gets to place the creature according to the same rules as a roll of 1. When one side kills the unit it gets the creature as a trophy worth 1 VP. this can be stolen in combat (if you run) or lost if you flee. even a ranged kill nets the killing unit the trophy.

Ironwarden has gold arm bands instead of the blue and green of the drakes

7. Hey Y'all watch this! Desperate to get on youtube this units champion decides he is going to challenge the enemy (any model capable of receiving a challenge) that champion's player receives a VP if he survives the encounter (for one round of combat), or the enemy says no. (challenge can only be issued under the usual circumstances). It does not matter if the champion dies later, even if in a second turn of that challenge, the moment is captured on camera and he will live on in infamy.

8. This is my Hill(random object/place/piece of scenery)! Initiating player gets to nominate a place, if at the end of the game the unit occupies that location they get a VP. Unit is stubborn if occupying the location.

9. Charge of the Light Brigade! (no associated card just a random way to get a VP) first player to have a unit successfully complete two charges (actually get into combat) in the game gets a VP. The unit doesn't have to survive the second combat, but obviously should survive the first to have a chance at the second.

10. They don't look so tough! Initiating unit gets a victory point if they win a round of combat against the enemy's most expensive unit (including any character in the unit).

From this angle the green is more prevalent

11. Spitting Contest! Both sides nominate a champion, and then roll a dice. Add that characters wounds to the total. who ever "spits" farther wins a VP. This champion has to survive the battle to claim the VP.

12. Hey look over there! Controlling player can "break up" a combat at the end of any turn. however when this happens the opposing player gets to move (if they want) with a random unit that is currently not in combat. The unit(s) that was distracted at first (enemy unit in combat) is then moved back 1" and turned in a random direction.

anyway, just something i was pondering after the Gorkamorka randomness. I doubt i ever get Bob to do this, but maybe this gets some one else to try fantasy out for once. I would love to hear anyone's ideas or stories with this.

Attached some pics of my newest Dwarf unit, the Irondrakes, can't wait to use them in a game. In the effort of keeping the Dwarves mostly painted I got these up to a pretty good level. I still haven't gotten the lighting down yet, for anybody to pick out any of the limited detailing i have done. I will have another article next week on my recent purchases and my conversation with the store owner down here.

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